The 6 Best iPad Keyboards

A great iPad keyboard can help make typing on your iPad easier. Not only will the keyboard case provide fast and accurate typing, but it will also add some decent protection for your iPad. There are a ton of models and keyboards available to consumers as more and more people try to transform their tablet into laptops. I’ve tried many, and found the best iPad keyboards available for you.

6. Anker Ultra-Slim Folio Bluetooth Keyboard Case – Best for: bargain hunters

anker folio

(image courtesy of Anker)

Anker is well known for making quality accessories at affordable prices. This thin folio-style keyboard case for the iPad is no exception. For only $28-40, depending on the iPad model you have, you get a solid case that provides great protection, good looks, and fast accurate typing. The rubber-coated polycarbonate shell locks your iPad in place and absorbs shock from drops and bumps. The keyboard attaches magnetically and can be removed for use outside the case as well. If you need a solid case on the cheap, the Anker Ultra-Slim folio is the clear winner. iPad Air $30 @Amazon, iPad 2, 3 or 4 $40 @Amazon, iPad Mini/Mini 2 $28 @Amazon

5. New Trent Airbender 2.0 iPad Wireless Bluetooth Clamshell Keyboard Case – Best for: The not so careful

airbender 2.0

(image courtesy of New Trent)

This high quality, rugged, and hard clamshell case features a matte finish and an all metal stand. This case not only looks good, its also durable. The stand is multi-adjustable for use in various vertical and horizontal positions. The keyboard is also ultra low profile, which adds minimal bulk when your iPad is in the case. Speaking of the case, this thing is built like a tank. It is constructed of thermoplastic and wraps snugly around your iPad Air providing fantastic protection. If you need a case with a lot of protection AND good looks, the Airbender 2.0 is for you. Although the Airbender 2.0 is made for the new iPad Air, New Trent also has Airbender cases for past generation. iPad Air $70 @NewTrent, iPad 2, 3 or 4 $40 @NewTrent, iPad Mini or Mini 2 @NewTrent

4. Kensington KeyFolio Pro Folio with Keyboard for iPad – Best for: Boardroom to bedroom

keyfolio pro

(image courtesy of Kensington)

The new KeyFolio Pro case from Kensington wraps your iPad in premium-fabricated sheepskin, giving it a luxurious feel and an executive look. The case is available for all models of the iPad and sports a removable 6-row Bluetooth keyboard, with adjustable viewing angles and an integrated stylus loop. The 380mAh battery will give you 960 hours of working time and 180 days of standby. If you need a slim, premium-looking case with all day battery life, you can’t go wrong with the KeyFolio Pro from Kensington. iPad Air $80 @Kensington, iPad 2, 3 or 4 $70 @Kensington, iPad Mini or Mini 2 $80 @Kensington

3. Logitech Ultrathin iPad Keyboard Cover – Best for: The true typist at heart

logitech ipad

(image courtesy of Logitech)

Logitech calls their Ultrathin keyboard cover “the other half of your iPad,” and I mostly agree. This single piece keyboard doubles as a case, but provides minimal protection compared to others on this list. What the Ultrathin does provide is one of the best typing experiences around. Typing enthusiasts will love the fluid and responsive keystrokes and the reassuring “click” of real keys. This keyboard also sports timesaving iOS shortcut keys for copy, paste, undo and more. If you simply want the best typing experience around, and don’t need full protection of a folio style case, the Logitech Ultrathin is a dream come true. iPad Air $99 @Logitech iPad 2/3/4 $99 @Logitech iPad mini/mini 2 $80 @Logitech

2. Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case – Best for: The all day warrior

belkin ipad

I’m an actual owner of the QODE ultimate from Belkin, so I just couldn’t leave it off my top six list. The QODE Ultimate gives you a fantastic looking keyboard case that beautifully matches the iPad Air in terms of style and class. The Anodized aluminum unibody cover is built like a tank and provides extreme protection for your iPad. The case features dual neodymium magnets for multiple viewing angles, while the well-spaced TruType keyboard makes typing a breeze. The QODE Ultimate can last up to 264 hours of continual use with 4300 hours of standby on a full charge. While it cost a bit more than others on this list, the unsurpassed build quality and feature set make it one of the best iPad keyboards on the market. iPad Air $129 @Belkin iPad 2/3/4 $129 @Belkin

1. ClamCase Pro iPad Keyboard Case – Best for: The MacBook Air clone

ipad clamcase

(image courtesy of ClamCase)

Although this product may not have the best name in the business, it does pretty much transform your iPad into a MacBook Air in a snap. The $169 ClamCase Pro looks like it was both built and priced by Apple. The aluminum enclosure and polycarbonate shell provide unparalleled protection, while the 360-degree hinge allows for a wide variety of usage configurations. The ClamCase Pro also sports an auto-wake feature, which instantly powers on the keyboard when you start typing and powers down when you’re done. If you’re truly in the market for a keyboard case that can make your iPad Air a MacBook Air, prepare to shell out 169 clams as the ClamCase Pro is by far your best option. iPad 2, 3 or 4 $169 @ClamCase, iPad Mini or MIni 2 $129 @ClamCase, iPad Air $TBD Coming Soon (Feb. 2014)






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