In the past year, there’s been a lot of speculation about a possible Android-powered Nokia phone. Though Nokia has been making phones exclusively for the Windows Phone platform, it appears that the manufacturer could be bringing at least one Android OS phone to market before Nokia’s rumored subsidiary deal with Microsoft goes into effect. 

IntoMobile reports that the phone’s name, Nokia X, has been confirmed on Twitter by Nokia leaker @evleaks. Though no official announcement has been made by the company yet, previous leaks from the same source seem to indicate that the device is quite far along in the development process, and Gizmodo UK reports that the phone could be unveiled as soon as February 2014. 

Technical Specs Point to the Mid-Market

Previous leaks hint that the Nokia X will have a four-inch display, with 854×540 resolution and a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor. The device is also rumored to include 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage. This would put the Nokia X behind some of its Windows Phone counterparts and would probably target the device squarely at the mid-market audience. The device also will purportedly sport a five-megapixel camera and will have an expandable microSD card slot. 

An Android-Based Windows Phone Clone?

Current information seems to indicate that the phone will have a highly modified version of Android 4.1.1 operating system. However, according to several sources, the user interface will be heavily modified to resemble the Windows Phone interface, complete with a live tile aesthetic. It’s unclear if there would be much market appetite for an Android phone that imitates a Windows Phone, but if it is true, the Nokia X could potentially help lure away some Windows Phone users intrigued by the familiar design.

Exterior phone design buzz also point to an aesthetic that borrows heavily from Nokia’s own Lumia handset, which also runs the Windows Phone operating system. Design specs under consideration reportedly include colorful polycarbonate casing options, volume, and power buttons on the phone’s right side, and a single capacitive-touch button along the lower edge of the touchscreen display. 

Because of Nokia’s relationship with Microsoft, the Nokia X may never see the light of day, especially as speculation about a Microsoft buyout persists. However, if the Nokia X is indeed officially announced and does turn out to be an Android phone that looks a lot like a Windows Phone, would you be interested?

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