The Best Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts

Valentine’s Day is upon us, but in today’s digital world, why not expand beyond the traditional flowers and chocolates and give the gift of tech? These best Valentine’s Day tech gifts are sure to appease all their senses, from touch to sound, to scent to sight.

1. Touch: Apple iPad Air


The completely redesigned iPad Air from Apple is its slimmest and most powerful tablet yet. The Air is fast, thin and light. The iPad air proves to be a considerable and worthy upgrade over every other iPad model before it. With a gorgeous 9.7-inch retina display and a blazing fast A7 chip, she may have her hands on it more than you. From movies to music and everything in between, this is the gift that everybody wants. $499 @ Apple

2. Sound: Dr. Dre Beats Pill 2.0

beats speaker

(image courtesy of Beats)

If music is what she loves, rich beautiful sound is the perfect gift. This small, lightweight portable speaker from Beats by Dre brings all the sound quality and style found in the headphones in a compact wireless speaker. The Pill also includes NFC technology, enabling one-touch tap pairing for easy setup with NFC-capable devices. Taking calls on The Pill is also possible with the included microphone, which provides crystal clear voice calls. So just listen to her heart, and get her some Beats. $199 @Beats by Dre

3. Sight: Apple iPhone 5S Gold

gold iphone

If gold is what they crave on the 14th, why not deliver her with some Apple gold? The new iPhone 5S in gold represents the best looking phone available in the market. The iPhone 5S is more than good looks — the 5S sports an ultra-fast 64-bit processor and Apple A7 chip. Additionally, the improved 8MP camera allows in 15% more light than last year’s iPhone 5. Throw in Apple’s new Touch ID fingerprint reader and you have one best Valentine’s day tech gifts that money can buy. With its sleek aluminum build and ultra-sharp retina display, it sure is a sight for sore eyes. $199 @Apple

4. Taste: DeLonghi GM6000 Gelato Maker


(image courtesy of DeLonghi)

They always say the best way to a man’s heart is through is stomach. But guess what — girls love food too. Why settle for rich, unhealthy regular ice cream when you can make soft and healthy delectable gelato right at home? The GM600 features a built-in compressor that brings the ingredients to temperatures below freezing, which frozen bowl ice cream makers cannot do. You can also make multiple batches continuously instead of having to wait to re-freeze the ice cream bowl. So if you need a few minutes to cool down that spicy relationship, look to the DeLonghi GM6000 for quick Italian chill. $299 @

5. Smell: Nuova Simonelli Oscar Espresso Machine

nuova simonelli

(image courtesy of Nuova Simonelli)

Nothing smells better than waking up to the rich aroma of Italian brewed coffee ( caffè) in the morning. From cappuccino to macchiato, this espresso machine will have her forgetting Starbucks and Dunkin’s in seconds. The Oscar from Nuova Simonelli is made in Italy and features a powerful HX pump, which can brew coffee and steam milk at the same time. The Oscar also comes in a vibrant bright red finish, which just screams Happy Valentines Day! $1050 @SeattleCoffeGear

Additional Perk: Warm her heart (no, really!)

nest labs

(image courtesy of Nest Labs)

If these gifts don’t make her heart melt, you can always warm it with the Nest Learning Thermostat from Nest Labs. This smart thermostat connects to your home Wi-Fi network and can be controlled from your computer, smartphone or tablet, and has both iOS and Android compatibility. The goal of the Nest is to ultimately save you money, so this gift should benefit your wallet too. The Nest is engineered and designed by two former Apple employees (now Google employees) and just looks plain sexy up on your wall. $250 @ Nest