Baby Tech: the Best Gadgets for New Parents

New parents are constantly terrified. What if the car seat isn’t installed properly, the baby monitor fails, or their child experiences a sudden bout of unknown illness? Fortunately, there are technology solutions to life’s big (and little) kid issues—here are four of the best gadgets for bringing up baby.

1) Summer Infant Prodigy Car Seat

Every child needs a car seat—and every parent dreads installation. Seven out of ten car seats are installed improperly but as parents can attest, getting them to fit right in a car, SUV, or van is no easy feat. In many cities, the fire department or local health authority host scheduled car-seat checks, but for first-time parents just coming home from the hospital this may not be assurance enough. Enter the Summer Infant Prodigy Car Seat, which features a built-in smart screen that displays instructions for installation and lets the parent know the seat is properly leveled and tightened. Instead of straining muscles and best guesses, parents can enjoy a moment of peace knowing their car seat is ready to roll. The Prodigy retails for around $475.

2) Smart Diapers

Developed by Pixie Scientific, Smart Diapers are a wearable technology that provides parents with information about their child’s health through simple urinalysis. The diapers contain reagents that interact with leukocytes and nitrites (found in the immune system and bacteria, respectively) and can also measure pH. These reagents are contained in the outermost layer of the diaper, away from your baby’s skin. Once per day parents scan a QR code on the front of the diaper, which sends the data to Pixie’s lab for analysis. Theoretically, the information gathered should point to early signs of urinary tract infections, dehydration, or developing kidney problems. No word on cost for these just yet.

3) Origami Power-Folding Stroller

Even the best-made strollers are a challenge. If they’re too flexible and easy to fold, parents worry about their child’s safety. If they’re too difficult, parents worry about injuring themselves just trying to go out for a walk. The Origami Power-Folding Stoller from 4moms opens and closes itself with the touch of a button, and generates enough power during a walk to charge itself and also run a built-in LCD dashboard, running lights and pathway lights. You can also plug it directly into an outlet to achieve a speedier full charge. The Origami also comes with weight sensors to make sure it won’t fold up while baby’s inside. Expect to pay $850 or more for an Origami.

4) Wireless Cameras

Many baby product companies make wireless cameras and sell them at a huge profit to parents, but almost any small wireless security camera will do the trick. Foscam, for example, sells a wireless IP camera for less than $100 that you can control remotely from your computer or iPhone. It runs at 30 frames per second, can pan 300 degrees and tilt 120, includes two-way audio and an infrared mode that lets you see up to eight meters. Hear baby crying and are not sure if you need to go in or if he’s just tossing in his sleep? Pull out your phone, turn on the camera and take a look. It’s virtually noiseless and fits almost anywhere. In addition, it doesn’t naturally broadcast past your local router, meaning you won’t have unwanted visitors checking on your child.

What do you think are the best gadgets for your family?

Image courtesy of Flickr