Best Android Apps for Mobile Gamers: Time to Play

Android has captured a huge slice of the mobile market, paving the way for the proliferation of new apps in the Google Play store. Once a barren wasteland compared to Apple’s App Store, Play now offers a host of great gaming apps. Here are five of the best Android apps for mobile gamers.

1) Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft was a smash hit on PC and has now made its way to mobile devices. At $6.99, the price for Minecraft: Pocket Edition is higher than some other games, but considering the hours of fun you’ll probably get out of creating your own (almost unlimited) world, it’s probably worth the cost. All the standard features from the original Minecraft are here, including a wide array of building blocks and the ever-present Creepers.

2) Angry Birds Space Premium

Angry Birds has seen a staggering number of downloads since its release, and has taken on several forms, including a Star Wars-themed version. Angry Birds Space Premium costs just $0.99 and comes with a number of new levels, bonus levels, and a new game-play experience with the addition of gravitational effects. While hurling furious fowl at surly pigs isn’t exactly high-brow gaming, there’s no denying the enjoyment from a perfectly placed strike.

3) Crazy Taxi

This is a port from a classic Sega Dreamcast title, where your job as the driver of the “Crazy Taxi” is to get passengers to their destination in any way possible. If this means blowing red lights, jumping curbs, or running other cars off the road, so be it—you have a fare to impress. The faster you go, the more money you earn and the levels get progressively more ridiculous as you progress. Plus, you can turn on the cab radio and tune in to some of 90s’ greatest hits. The graphics haven’t been updated from the original console version, but at $4.99 it’s worth a look.

4) Ruzzle

If you prefer something more low-key than screaming around a city terrifying passengers or tossing birds at buildings, try Ruzzle. This $1.99 word game challenges you to build the longest word possible by dragging your finger over tiles on the screen. Unlike most other apps in the same category, you aren’t limited to horizontal and vertical but can also grab tiles diagonally to form words.

5) Spaceteam

A list of the best Android apps for mobile gamers wouldn’t be complete without Spaceteam. This one is free on the Google Play Store, and focuses on cooperation and confusion over solitary pursuits. Spaceteam puts you and one to three other people in command of a damaged spacecraft trying to outrun a dying star. Each player gets a control panel with different knobs, switches, and buttons, but instructions on how to use the panel are sent to other players. The result? Gamers have to shout technobabble at each other faster and faster, trying to manage their own controls and call out what needs to happen next. Eventually the ship explodes and—according to most reviews—you fall over laughing. iPhone and Android users can both play this one, but everyone needs to be in close proximity on a Bluetooth or WiFi connection.

What’s your favorite mobile Android game?

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons