The 5 Best Workout Headphones For Any Gym Rat

Any frequent exerciser can tell you music can make all the difference in your training – and a great pair of headphones makes a HUGE difference. The problem is, however, that those super expensive or cheap headphones you currently own just won’t cut it in the gym. If anyone has tried to sprint with Apple buds, they know what I’m talking about – they’ll fall right out or get caught in your hands in minutes. Serious athletes know that they need something durable, something comfortable, and something that stays put. Check these 5 best workout headphones to bring your next gym session to the next level.

5. Yurbuds Inspire Duro Headphones – Best For: Intense physical training

inspire duro

(image courtesy of Yurbuds)

If you need an affordable pair of in-ear headphones that can take a beating, Yurbuds has the solution for you. The Inspire Duro is sure to stay put in your ear no matter what the activity. These buds are also sweat and water resistant while delivering great sound thanks to the 15.4mm speaker and dynamic driver. Yurbuds also throws in an amazing lifetime warranty on these puppies. Yurbuds is simply known for making some of the best workout headphones on the market. $50 @Yurbuds

4. Jabra SPORT+ Wireless Headphones – Best For: Long distance runners


(image courtesy of Jabra)

If cords are getting in your way, cut the cord with the SPORT+ from Jabra. These durable clip over ear headphones are tested against US Military standards for rain, shock and dust resistance. The built in Bluetooth wireless connectivity easily controls music and phone calls directly from the headset. Jabra also throws in three months of Endomondo Premium subscription for free with your purchase. $60 @Jabra

3. Motorola S11 Flex HD Headphones – Best For: Those who can’t miss a call

motorola s11

(image courtesy of Motorola)

If phone calls are a big part of your job, or you’re a huge social butterfly, missing a call can be detrimental. The new S11 Flex headphones from Motorola will ensure calls remain a click away, even during the most intense workouts. the headphones feature a 5-Point adjustability for a true custom fit. In terms of sound they sport clear hd audio, digital audio tuning, premium acoustic components and customized EQ settings. The S11’s offer playback time of up to seven hours and standby time up to six days. $80 @Amazon

2. Sennheiser CX 685 Adidas Sports Headphones – Best For: Comfort Seekers


(image courtesy of Sennheiser)

You can always count on the brand with three stripes when it comes to anything to do with sports. These headphones from Sennheiser and Adidas offer up durability, comfort and great sound at a great price as well. The CX 685 sport a fine-tuned 10mm transducer which delivers optimal sound and performance. They also feature para-aramid-reinforced cables and a sweat proof design. Although these may not be the most high-end sport headphones in the world, they are definitely one of the most comfortable. $49 @Amazon

1. Monster iSport Freedom Wireless Headphones – Best For: The True Audiophile + Athlete

isport freedoom

(image courtesy of Monster)

If you just can’t sacrifice the sound quality from your high-end home headphones, the iSport Freedom from monster is your top choice. Audio fans will love the rich deep bass and clear highs that the iSport’s deliver. Workout fans will love the comfort, the durability and most of all the great sound isolation features to keep you concentrated on your workout and not distractions in the gym. If you want he best sounding and most durable wireless sport headphone son the market, the iSport from Monster should take you to the next level. $250 @Monster

image- wiki commons