Vine and Instagram Effects: How to Make Your Videos Stand Out

Instagram and Vine videos have been used in a number of creative ways since their debut last year. Not only have these short video clips taken over Twitter feeds everywhere, but users are also finding ways to create special effects for this instantly shareable content. Vine and Instagram effects can help your video stand out and maybe even become a viral hit.

Time Jumps and Stop Motion

Vine users are probably already aware of the pausing and editing features that allow them to create videos that look like time has passed between shots. However, you can use this feature not only to set up a second or third shot, but also to make a practical “time-jumping” effect. Remove an item in the room or change it slightly to get a sci-fi effect. Vine user Yell Design nails the time-jump effect with the “Time Toast” vine posted last February. You can also go one step further with this feature and create stop-motion videos, like Vine user GentlemanJACK. Though these vines take some time to set up and execute, users can really get creative and make some interesting videos by harnessing Vine’s short-burst video capture ability.

Instagram Filters

Some users were drawn to Instagram in the app’s early days because of its wide range of pre-loaded filters; these filters can be used on Instagram videos as well. If you’re not enhancing the color of your videos with filters like Vesper and Stinson, then your videos might not look as good as they could. Don’t just pick any filter and start shooting, however, for the best outcome do a “test shoot” of your subject using a few different filters and see which one turns out best.

Instagram Video “Cinema” Feature

Instagram’s Cinema feature is accessible directly from the app and allows users to stabilize otherwise shaky videos. If you are shooting while walking or running, for instance, Cinema will edit out the side-to-side motions that would indicate your high level of movement and create a smooth image that looks like it was shot with traditional camera equipment like a dolly. Though Cinema isn’t always something you’d want to use—especially if you’re shooting a “quick hit” video of a subject—if you are walking or running while trying to shoot something, cinema mode is one of the most useful Instagram effects there is.

All of these effects can be performed within the Instagram and Vine apps and don’t require any special skills. Just a small amount of practice with Vine’s pausing and editing features and Instagram’s filters and Cinema feature will allow users to show off their creativity in new and unique ways.

Image courtesy of Flickr