The animated GIF has become a go-to response vehicle on the Internet. See a post you don’t like? Better have a disappointed reaction GIF ready. Want to convey your agreement with a particular post? Use your best “This!” GIF to show your support. Ever wondered how to make a GIF on your smartphone, or if you even can? Luckily for you, it’s more than possible—and it’s free and easy.

Grab a GIF from YouTube with GIFGrabber

Want to make a GIF from a YouTube video? GIFGrabber is a free app for iOS that allows you to create five-second GIFs from any video uploaded on YouTube. Simply search for the portion of the video you want to immortalize in GIF format and press the “record” button. Five seconds later you will have an instantly shareable GIF saved on your smartphone.

Use Your Own Content to Make a GIF with GIF Boom

GIF Boom, a free app for both iOS and Android, allows you to make GIFs out of videos stored on your phone as well as photos you’ve taken. The photo option is particularly nice if you have a group of photos you’ve taken using burst mode and want a stop-motion-like effect for your GIF. Like GIFGrabber, once you are done making your GIF, you can save it directly to your phone.

Tips for a Great GIF

Making a great GIF on your phone is easy, but so is making an awful one. Make sure your GIF doesn’t fall into the latter group by following these simple tips. First off, make sure the video or images you are using are high-quality. Low-resolution GIFs may look passable on your phone, but if you are planning on sharing and posting them on a computer, they’ll look blurry and out of focus. In addition to image quality, it is also important to make sure any text or subtitles you have added to your GIF are readable. Though you don’t want to use a font that is so big that it obscures the image, small, off-color letters won’t show up well and will make for a poorly-executed GIF.

Though there are plenty of desktop apps that allow users to make a GIF, if you find yourself on the go and really need a GIF pronto, there are plenty of apps that will allow you to make a GIF with your smartphone. Now that you know how to make a GIF using your phone, will you be trying it out?

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