Retail giant Amazon is joining the likes of Pandora and Spotify and launching its own music streaming service. Dubbed Amazon Music, this new streaming service is tied to the Amazon Prime premium media subscription service and allows users to stream and download music to their devices. To reflect this new brand and service, Amazon has updated its previous streaming app and now offers current Prime subscribers the ability to download or stream music that is stored in their Amazon Cloud accounts.

In a statement obtained by 9to5Mac, Amazon said of the new service, “Amazon Prime members now have free, unlimited access to over a million songs and hundreds of custom-built playlists for ad-free streaming,” and added that users can “add music for free” or download to “mobile device[s] for offline listening.”

Room in the Marketplace?

Amazon is joining an already crowded marketplace, with competitors like Beats Music and Google Music gaining new subscribers every month. However, the biggest threat to this new service comes from Spotify, which boasts 10 million paid subscribers, according to Fox News, and many more free subscribers. Spotify recently increased its efforts to attract new consumers with a free mobile option, which launched late last year. Amazon is likely hoping that the ability to purchase tracks directly from the app for offline listening will make it a distinct enough option to compete in this crowded space. While other services allow users to download tracks as part of a paid subscription plan, Amazon is the only to offer “à la carte” song downloads for offline listening. Whether this feature is something to which consumers will respond remains to be seen.

The Amazon Music app is currently available for both iOS and Android and is also available for the Kindle operating system as an update.

Are you going to try out Amazon’s new music streaming service, or are you loyal to a different provider?

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