iPad multitasking has been requested by many, and based on some hints found in the iOS 8 code and a video demonstrating the rumored feature, it looks like this element might be coming to iPad tablets fairly soon.

The video, reported on by 9to5Mac, was made by developer Steven Troughton-Smith, who spotted the code in the beta copy of iOS 8 released to app makers. After digging deeper into the code, he was able to get the feature to function, employing a two-finger sideways swipe to initiate the iPad split-screen mode. It appears that there will be options available for screen sharing, allowing users to choose a straight 50/50 split-screen mode or a one-third/two-thirds mode, which might be handy for those who want to monitor mail or social networking feeds while working on a document in Microsoft Office or browsing the Web in a larger window. Another simple two-finger swipe closes multitasking mode.

Although the feature has not yet been confirmed by Apple and was not a part of the company’s recent WWDC event, it seems likely that the feature will make an appearance in iOS 8, but whether that will be iOS 8.0 or 8.1—or even some later version—remains to be seen. Forbes reports that the video demonstrating the feature was produced using an iOS simulator for Mac, which means that it isn’t part of any official code yet and may still be deep in development. As expected, Apple has offered no comment on the found code or video.

Could the iPad Finally Become a Laptop-Killer?

Though iPads have long been seen as a great way to stay connected on the go, they’ve never quite been able to replace traditional laptops, in part because they lack multitasking functions. With this new feature, could the iPad finally replace laptops for working professionals on the go? It’s an interesting question, especially as Apple looks to gain market share from Samsung and Microsoft, whose products already include multitasking functions. The addition of this feature could help Apple stay ahead of the competition and help the iPad gain some traction among laptop users.

Are you excited about the potential iPad split-screen mode?

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