Five Ways Blackphone Keeps You Safe

Our security is under fire, and smartphones are the top target. We spend all of our time on our phones—more than computers these days—and often disclose sensitive information without even thinking about it. Enter the Blackphone, an Android-based smartphone that comes with all the essentials that today’s handsets provide, but with the important addition of security features with which to protect your calls and data.

Worried about your security? Here are five features the new product offers to keep you safe.

1. Secure Internet Browsing

How much time do you spend on the Web? Recent reports by Nielsen show the average adult spends more than two hours online, and half of that time is via a mobile device. There are plenty of ways to secure your desktop Web use, but on the phone it’s nearly impossible. The handset’s operating system, PrivatOS, provides inherently secure browsing and searching, so you never have to worry about the personal or commercial tracking of your search history—which, if you ever look through your own, might surprise you.

2. Secure Texts, Voice, and Video Calls

Whether users are simply talking with friends or sharing intimate financial details with a bank representative, they have a right to expect that the call is private. But with concerns about phone hacking and spying making daily news headlines, phone security is top of mind for many users. The Blackphone offers secure text, voice calls, and video calls, so users can be confident about the privacy of their conversations. And for businesses, securing data like that is critical.

3. Secure File Transfer and Storage

It’s surprising how much data actually moves in and out of a smartphone: e-mails, attachments, files, photos, and other data all needs to be kept safe. Blackphone controls the transfer and flow of data to and from its servers and backs it all up with data encryption before, during, and after sending. That way, everything you send and receive to your phone is safe and secure.

4. User-Available Data Center Access

It’s one thing to keep all of your data secure; it’s another to see—for yourself, your family, or your business—what the flow of data actually is. The Blackphone Security Center lets users customize that data flow, according to VentureBeat, so that they can control the data permissions on applications, either individually or on the phone as a whole. This is especially exciting for anyone who’s worried about the security of their favorite apps; with the Security Center, you get a bird’s-eye view of everything happening on your phone’s connection.

5. Two Years of Free Silent Circle

Silent Circle is what makes secure calls and messaging possible, but it’s not cheap. The service is available for $100 per year on an individual account. When you buy a Blackphone, you get two years of Silent Circle free, plus three one-year plans for family and friends, totaling $500 in value. If you’re interested in a secure line and don’t want to pay the cost of an on-contract smartphone for the service, this device will instantly save you some cash while providing the necessary smartphone security you’re looking for.

The Blackphone will officially go on sale on July 14 for $629. Is it secure enough for you? Are you thinking of purchasing one? Let us know why, or why not, in the comments.

Image courtesy of Flickr