User experience company MindRDR has created a mind control app for Google Glass, but it won’t allow users to read others’ thoughts. The program creates a new user experience for Google Glass, where wearers can control mobile device functions merely by thinking about them. The app serves as a companion to the company’s NeuroSky headset—worn in tandem with Google Glass—to read brainwaves and provide visual queues for various levels of attention (or lack thereof).

Think Natural Thoughts

The union of MindRDR’s app with the NeuroSky biosensor is the first of its kind, allowing users to take a photo of a painting, vista, or group of friends just by thinking of snapping a shot. When their focus increases, reports TechCrunch, the app displays it on a meter through Google Glass and snaps a photo when that focus is stable. The app grants control over the many functions of Google Glass with just a user’s mind, while still providing an extremely natural experience, free of strain or discomfort. However, the experience is just as feature-rich, with the ability to post pictures, videos, and more to multiple supported social media networks.

MindRDR began with the goal of helping users master meditation skills by detecting brainwaves and keeping them calm and aware of their mental state. By taking more control of their normal thoughts, users can shift their focus and return or proceed to a more relaxed state. The Daily Beast heralds the tech, saying, “Computer-guided meditation is nice for those of us who have difficultly even understanding what focus feels like.”

A Checkpoint for Mental Health

Even now, MindRDR’s NeuroSky headset tracks four different senses in the brain while using visual feedback to provide spatial awareness to the wearer. NeuroSky’s commands are governed by MindRDR’s accompanying Google Glass app, which interfaces with the NeuroSky headset. There are eighteen senses in total that neuroscience can successfully map in the brain, and MindRDR is confident that the headset’s technology can incorporate the other fourteen as neuroscience advances.

Building on the breakthroughs in neurofeedback studies for individuals with ADD and ADHD, MindRDR and NeuroSky hope to tread new ground for meditation and mental health. For the casually interested user, the program still provides a completely original experience, engaging and challenging the brain in new ways.

Would you use a mind control app?

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