3 of the Best Apps to Make Money with No Commitment

Smartphones are changing the way we do everything, and finding work is no exception. Whether you’re looking for full-time work or to just supplement your income, there are several great apps to make money on your own schedule and with minimal commitment. Here are three of the best:

1. uberX

A lot of cars spend the majority of their lives sitting unused in driveways and garages. Uber allows you to take that idle car—and your own free time—and use it to generate cash by serving as a taxi driver. Payments are received automatically and conveniently through the app, with Uber taking 20 percent in most cities. Drive your own car whenever it’s convenient for you, or just work when “surge pricing” is in effect: the busiest times, often during rush hour or Friday and Saturday nights, when Uber jacks up prices to encourage drivers to meet the huge demand for rides.

Availability: When you’re accepted as a driver, Uber sends you a phone specifically for using their app.

Pay: The median annual income for an uberX driver working more than 40 hours per week is $90,766 in New York City and $74,191 in San Francisco, according to Uber (these figures may not include car expenses).

2. Gigwalk

Do small, easy tasks for companies that need short-term help. You might hand out fliers one day and take pictures the next. If companies like your work, you could be invited onto private lists for gigs, giving you access to more consistent work. Who knows, one of the connections you make might even lead to a full-time job.

Availability: Free app for iOS, Blackberry, and Android.

Pay: $6–$220 per gig, according to the app.

3. ScreenPay

While you certainly won’t get rich with ScreenPay, it also requires perhaps the least work of all apps to make money. Just download the app, and it will load ads onto your lock screen. That’s it. You’ll get paid simply to have the ads there. You get the same amount whether you open your phone a ton, click on the ads, use your phone rarely, or ignore the ads completely. Other, similar apps like Slidejoy pay you based on how much you use your phone and if you click on ads.

Availability: Free app for Android only.

Pay: At least $3 per month, with small bonuses for signing up friends.

Do you use one of these apps to make some extra change? What’s your experience been like?

Image courtesy of Flickr