Best Apps for College Students: Eight to Download Now

Staying on track, getting amazing grades, managing your budget, and staying fit are usually at the top of every co-ed’s list, but busy schedules and late-night study sessions can derail even the best of intentions. Luckily, downloading a few of the best apps for college students can help you make the most out of every semester.

1. Dropbox (Free, Android, iOS, and Blackberry)

College students frequently need to share files, whether sending a paper to their professors or e-mailing notes to their study groups. Dropbox makes the process easier and safer: Not only can you choose who sees each file, but you don’t have to worry about losing your hard work. Just upload the file to Dropbox, send out the sharing link, and you’re good to go.

2. EasyBib (Free, Android and iOS)

Writing seemingly endless papers? That’s a given, but you can shave some time off the process with EasyBib, which allows you to plug in the name of any reference book and generate the proper citation. Copy and paste that citation into your paper’s bibliography section and you might actually be able to hand it in before the deadline.

3. Focus Time (Free, iOS)

If you find that you spend more time surfing memes than you do studying, it might be time to find a better way to focus. Try Focus Time, an app which utilizes the Pomodoro technique of focusing for short spurts of time and allowing yourself frequent breaks to boost productivity. Set the timer, start studying, and when the alarm sounds you can enjoy a five-minute break to surf the Internet to your heart’s content.

4. Mint (Free, Android, iOS, and Windows)

Staying on a budget can be tough in college, especially when you’re managing your money for the first time. Mint is one of the best apps for college students because it tracks spending automatically and provides a big picture look at your expenses. You can add account information for your bank, credit cards, or savings accounts and then set your budgets. Mint will automatically track whether you’re spending too much money on fast food, clothes or books.

5. Notability ($2.99, iOS)

If you struggle with remembering lecture points and testing material, Notability is worth the $2.99 price tag. This app lets you combine voice memos, written notes, and typed documents on your Apple devices to create one comprehensive study guide. Thanks to iCloud, your notes are always with you. Notability is way more than your average doodle pad.

6. Chegg (Free, Android and iOS)

Buying textbooks can put a serious strain on your tight budget, so download Chegg and save a ton of money. Instead of buying, Chegg allows you to locate and borrow textbooks, which the company will then ship to you. This is an awesome solution when you won’t be using a particular book once a course has ended. You can also download free e-book versions of textbooks where available.

7. Poggled (Free, Android and iOS)

So, you want to hang out with your friends and grab a bite to eat, but you don’t want to spend a ton of money? Poggled has you covered. It collects the best food deals near your location, so you can score goodies like free apps or an order of fries at some of the best eateries in town. Just don’t forget to check the restaurant reviews before finding your next hangout.

8. WiGo (Free, Android and iOS)

At college, there’s almost always someone willing to hang out on any given night, but sometimes making that first move to establish plans can be daunting. With Who Is Going Out—WiGo—students can let others on campus know they are planning to go on an adventure that night, and other students at the school can opt-in to join the fun. Networks are limited to students that attend the same college, and each night’s activities are erased by the next morning to protect users’ privacy.

By loading your smartphone with all the apps you need to stay on track, you’ll be better poised to strike that balance between studying and social life.

What other apps do you recommend for surviving college?

Image courtesy of Flickr