Broken iPhone? Five Steps to Take Immediately

We’ve all been there: One second you’re sending a funny GIF to your best friend, the next you’re watching helplessly as your phone plummets to the floor. But before you hastily throw your broken iPhone away, check out these five steps you should immediately take to determine what to do next.

1. Assess the Damage

Not all falls are created equal. A small spill on a hard surface where the phone lands on its side could result in just a few minor scuffs, whereas a fall from a substantial height might completely shatter the screen. Thoroughly inspect the body of the phone, including the screen, casing and buttons, and make a list of any damaged or questionable components.

2. Contact Your Carrier

Did you purchase drop insurance with your phone? Is your iPhone still covered under a return or warranty policy? These policies differ from carrier to carrier, and even if you don’t remember signing up for a warranty or replacement plan, it doesn’t hurt to to contact your provider to explore your options. If you purchased AppleCare+ with your device, a call directly to Apple might be your best bet.

3. Research Repair Costs

If your carrier cannot replace your broken iPhone, you still have a few options. If your biggest issue is a broken screen, you can try looking into getting the screen replaced by either going directly through Apple, which charges between $100–$150 for screen repair, or by finding a reputable third-party repair shop that can fix your screen for less.

Be aware that going through a third-party shop comes with risks, since repairs are typically not guaranteed. Consumers should also expect a wide variety of prices, according to ABC News 7.

4. Consider Selling Your iPhone

If the cost to repair your phone is too high, but it is still functional, you can look into selling your iPhone. Even broken, your iPhone can be worth quite a bit of cash, and it doesn’t hurt to exhaust your options when it comes to getting the most value out of your device. Though you’ll need to report the type of damage your phone has sustained when selling your device, the smartest move is to get as much out of it as you can, especially if it is of no use to you.

5. Get a Used Replacement

The most painful part of dealing with a broken iPhone is replacing it. For instance, if you are on a two-year upgrade plan with your carrier and you are not eligible to purchase a new phone at the “upgrade” price, you may be stuck shelling out $500 or more to replace your iPhone. Fortunately, used iPhones cost a fraction of the price and will not impact a contract that is already in effect.

Have you ever broken an iPhone? Share your story with us.

Image courtesy of Flickr