Keeping Your Used Phone in Good Condition

All phones become used phones the moment they’re turned on. There’s little difference between a Galaxy S4 bought in a store and the one your friend gave you because they were upgrading to an S5. That said, the last thing you want is to have to pay to get your phone repaired. Here are some tips on maintenance for used phones.

Give It Armor

Prevention is the best protection. Equipping your phone with a solid case is the best way to ensure that it has a long life. There are a number of types of cases, made from materials like plastic, wood, metal and Kevlar. If you’re really serious about protection, make sure you buy a case that’s impact-resistant and waterproof. These types of cases protect the body of your phone and prevent its screen from cracking.

If you choose to go with a case that doesn’t come with a screen protector, make sure to buy one before you leave the store. Basic, inexpensive protectors are thin films you can safely tack to the front of your phone that will keep your screen safe from scratches and scrapes. Consider looking into tempered glass screen protectors if you’re serious about protecting your used phone.

Proper Storage and Maintenance

Regular maintenance for used phones is crucial. You should clean the screen and the charging port often, since they get filled with all sorts of dust, dirt and bacteria on a daily basis. You can purchase a microfiber cloth and an air pressure canister to clear out the dust from the cracks of the phone too.

Be sure to keep your accessories clean as well. Headphones can become fairly nasty, so keep them clean and store them separately from your device. You may be tempted to just grab your cords and throw them into a bag; however, careless handling can cause cables to fray or crack. Wrapping your headphones around your phone may even damage the headphone jack.

Make sure your used phone has enough energy to keep moving. Allowing your phone to fully charge whenever it’s plugged in can preserve the battery’s ability to hold a charge much longer than it would ordinarily. If your battery starts emptying quickly, it might be time to replace your battery or device.

What maintenance tips do you have for keeping used phones clean and functional?

Image courtesy of Flickr