Best Smartphone for Kids

How do you feel about your children having cell phones? How about an iPhone for kids? It’s the new normal, isn’t it? One study found that about one-fifth of third graders have a cell phone, and by the fourth grade, 25 percent do. As they become tweens and teens, the numbers rise even faster. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, 78 percent of 12- to 17-year-olds have a cell phone, and close to 50 percent of those are smartphones.

Your kids will have no trouble at all telling you exactly what kind of Smartphone they want YOU to buy for them. But it’s not their decision, is it? Getting the right phone for kids takes a little research. Like always, we’ve done it for you.

There’s a lot of debate around what smartphone is truly the best device for a child or teen. Essentially, you want a low-cost phone with good battery life and enough “current” features to keep them happy. If this is your child’s first smartphone, also make sure you do these 5 things to prepare.

Why the iPhone SE is the Best Smartphone for Kids and Teens

 So, what is the best phone for kids? The iPhone SE checks all the boxes and is a fantastic option for kids and teens. It’s the perfect combination of style, budget-friendly price and current features.

Read on to learn more about why the iPhone SE is the best smartphone for kids and teens.

  1. Compact Size

Although heavily criticized for introducing a new phone that was identical to a 2012 design, Apple was smart to bring back the 4-inch iPhone. Kids often find it difficult to comfortably grip and use a larger device, such as the iPhone 6S or any of the Samsung Galaxy devices. The iPhone SE’s size is ideal for introducing your child to a smart device. They’ll learn to use it without being overwhelmed by the size and delicacy of a slick iPhone 6 or 6S, which hopefully means fewer accidentally dropped devices and therefore minimal cracked or shattered screens.

  1. Up-to-Date Features

One of the best parts about the iPhone SE is that it will keep your kid from complaining that they don’t have the latest device. As the newest iPhone in Apple’s lineup, it has the same processing power and features as the iPhone 6S. Live photos, Touch ID and a 12 megapixel camera are all included. The next time your kid is comparing phones and features with her friends, she’ll love showing off the cool tech her awesome parents scored for her.

  1. Low Price

It’s pretty awesome to get the same internal specs as the iPhone 6S for $300 cheaper! At the lowest ever iPhone price of $399 without a contract, the iPhone SE is an attractive option for your kid’s first device. A recent Gazelle survey of parents made it clear that kids are clumsy and careless when it comes to phones. A low-cost device is critical to ease your kid into smartphone ownership and reduce the pain if something gets broken.

  1. Movie-Making Machine

Kids love making movies, and the iPhone SE is sure to not disappoint the Steven Spielberg in them. The device shoots crystal-clear 4K video with video stabilization and continuous autofocus, so videos will come out clear and smooth. The camera also features two options for slow-motion video, making it a blast to play around with. The best part is that your kids won’t be bugging you for the computer to edit their movie. With an easy-to-use iMovie app, kids can edit multiple streams of 4K video with voiceovers and transitions directly on the device.

  1. Battery

A bump in battery size combined with the upgraded A9 chip and iOS 9 power efficiencies allow for an impressive battery to get your kid through a long day of texting and games. In a stress test by the Wall Street Journal, the SE lasted 10 hours of web surfing — two hours longer than both the iPhone 6S and 5S, and almost three hours longer than the Galaxy S7.

So, a phone for kid – what’s the verdict? Get ready, because soon you’re going to get hammered. Your kids will demand not only that you buy them a Smartphone, but that you get them the exact model that they (and their friends) covet. We are not child development experts, but many of us are parents, and we say: Resist the urge to satisfy their every want. Instead, get your kids the phone that they need.

For a kid-friendly smartphone, go for the iPhone SE. It’s your best bet to keep both your kid and your wallet happy.

Photo courtesy of Flickr.