Sell iPhone 4 at a Kiosk Near You

Sell iPhone 4 at a Kiosk Near You

You know that relic, AKA your iPhone 4 — that’s right, the one that’s gathering dust in your drawer. You know it’s worth something, right? Worth a lot, actually. And did you know you can sell iPhone 4 for instant cash (even if it’s broken) at one of our self-service kiosks, and use your payout to get Apple’s iPhone 7. Got your attention now, don’t we?

It’s not just fast cash you get when you sell used iPhone 4 — you also help to heal the environment. By 2019, nearly 200 million devices will be recycled annually. Everyone’s doing it, and maybe you should too.

Convenient Kiosks for Your iPhone 4 Trade-in

And the sooner, the better. Phones depreciate in value, especially iPhones, so act now to ensure you get the highest possible return on your investment. At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Sure, I want my fast cash. But how do I sell my iPhone 4?” The process is quick and simple – just follow these steps:

gazelle ecoatm local kiosk
Find the nearest location to you & get paid!

1. Find the nearest location to you.

Our 2,000-plus kiosks are fully automated, conveniently located, safe and secure, and super-easy to use. There’s a Gazelle ecoATM kiosk near you. If you can’t find one in your immediate area, check back soon, as we are always adding new locations. Please note: At this time, our iPhone 4 buyback program is available at our kiosks only and not via

2. Prepare your device for resell. Learn how to prepare phones for resell in 3 easy steps.

3. Remove anything that might prevent the kiosk from recognizing your device, such as stickers or a cell phone cover.

4. As you head out for the kiosk, take your phone of course, but also any accessories that you’d like to be recycled. At most locations, you’ll find accessory bins next to our kiosks. We can’t offer cash for your phone accessories, but think of your reward as the knowledge that you did your part to make the planet greener.

5. Grab your cash and go on a shopping spree with the money that now sits comfortably in your wallet. After you sell iPhone 4, why not get a quality replacement phone at a fraction of the cost via Gazelle ecoATM’s certified, pre-owned phone program.

Besides iPhones, our kiosks accept many other devices for buyback, including Android tablets; Amazon readers like Kindle Fire; Motorola and HTC cell phones and smartphones; a variety of Samsung smartphones; and yes, even some Blackberry devices.

Trust us to make the process simple and smooth. We’ve purchased more than 9 million devices and counting, so we’ve got you covered. And remember, when you trade in iPhone 4 at your local Gazelle ecoATM kiosk, you get instant cash while the planet gets some much needed TLC.

Now there’s a win-win.

See how it works: