Michele Perry

Michele is the VP of Brand and Communications at gazelle.com where she oversees media relations, communications, editorial, and our corporate social responsibility program. Michele loves The Bees Knees Chicken Salad. Michele lives in Concord with her daughter, Meghan. Her favorite gadget is her iPhone. You can contact Michele at mperry@gazelle.com.

Carmen Vetere

Carmen is the VP of Marketing at gazelle.com. Carmen spearheads Gazelle’s customer acquisition and marketing strategy and overseas a team in charge of email marketing, search marketing, social media and loyalty. Carmen is a graduate of Boston University, and joins Gazelle from Virgin Money, Perkstreet and Compete. Carmen’s favorite gadget is his iPad. You can contact Carmen at cvetere@gazelle.com.

Kevin Walther

Kevin is the communications and media specialist at Gazelle and the voice behind Gazelle’s Facebook and Twitter. Kevin is also the editor for The Horn. He is a graduate of Northeastern University. In his free time, Kevin enjoys playing tennis and exploring new food.¬†You can contact Kevin at kwalther@gazelle.com.