unlock android
How do I unlock my phone from my carrier?

If you've decided it's time to unlock your iPhone or Android phone, you have come to the right place. If you read our previous post on why you should...

What is a locked phone and why do carriers lock them?

Are you considering switching cell phone carriers? First, you need to unlock your iPhone or Android smartphone. This guide will help you better...

Nokia Lumia
Will Nokia X Be the First Android-Powered Nokia Phone?
WRITTEN BY Amanda Kondolojy
CATEGORY Android News

Nokia may bring at least one Android OS phone to market before Nokia's rumored subsidiary deal with Microsoft goes into effect.

htc one+
What The HTC M8 Needs To Succeed
CATEGORY Android News

The world knows that the once dominating Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC is currently in a world of hurt.

A new version of the HTC One, the HTC M8, is rumored to be released in March
HTC M8 Rumored for Release in March
CATEGORY Android News Gazelle News

Speculation is rife about the latest version of HTC's flagship smartphone, said to be slated for a late March 2014 release.


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