iPhone 7 apps
5 Apps Everyone Should be Using on the iPhone 7
WRITTEN BY Gazelle Labs
CATEGORY Apple Testing Category

You’ve got your iPhone 7, and now it’s time to clutter it with a bunch of apps you don’t really use. Been there, done that. What if, this time, we download apps that will actually enhance the quality of our lives? Crazy concept, we know. Here are 5 must-have apps for your iPhone 7: 1. […]

Kid playing on iPad
New ‘Games for Kids’ Section Spotted in the App Store
WRITTEN BY Shawn Sanders

A new "Games for Kids" section has been spotted in Apple's App Store, with improvements that place more emphasis on preventing in-app purchases.

New Year's Eve fireworks
The Four Best New Apps of the New Year

Whether you're looking to save money, spend more time with family, or sing your heart out, here are four of the best new apps to watch for in 2015.

Three Ways to Find the Best iPad Apps
CATEGORY Product Reviews

Tired of playing the same old games on your iPad? Learn three ways to find great new apps to have fun, be more productive, and enjoy your technology.

iPhone Apps
App Store Sales Rise to Record $10 Billion in 2013
WRITTEN BY Amanda Kondolojy
CATEGORY Apple Apple News

Apple scored a best-ever $10 billion in sales over the course of 2013, $1 billion of which was earned in December alone.

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