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Apps to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions on Track

Apps to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions on Track The problem with making New Year’s resolutions is the almost universal lack of follow-through. And it’s not just Republicans who don’t act, or Democrats. It’s not just straight-haired people, or curly-haired folks. A whopping 92 percent of all people fail to achieve their resolutions. That’s nearly […]

7 Must-Have Back-to-School Apps

As we speak, nearly 80 million students, in the U.S. alone, are preparing to go back to school. This raises two issues: First, it means that Americans take their education very seriously, and that the American Dream is still very much alive. And second, it means there’s a big market out there for killer apps […]

5 Apps for Outdoor Activities Ideal for Spring
WRITTEN BY Beth Braverman
CATEGORY Testing Category

You may not have looked up from your smartphone long enough to notice (we’re only kidding!), but Spring is here. It’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the Great Outdoors. That means different outdoor activities for different people—from extreme hiking to literally stopping to smell the roses. However you enjoy your outdoors, there […]

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10 iPad Apps You Can’t Live Without

While there are thousands of choices out there, there are a handful of apps that every iPad owner must have. Read on for our top 10.

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6 Best MacBook Apps to Download

There are a few must-have apps to download right away to get the most out of your new computer. Here are the best MacBook apps to download.

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