Which iPad is Best for You?

The latest iPad release has caused a few different reactions across the tech hemisphere. Some say it’s a solid deal for those looking to spend less on a new iPad, others speculate it’s not worth the hype. True, the latest iPad is retailed at one of the lowest original iPad price tags yet (excluding mini), […]

Apple iPad 2 To Be Retired This Year

According to recent report from AppleInsider, Apple is all but set to retire the iPad 2.

The Apple iPad mini leads list of most breakable gadgets
Report: Apple iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy S4 Among Most Breakable Devices

As the popularity of the iPad mini soars, a new report indicates that while it is affordable, it might not be as durable as other gadgets on the market.

bluetooth keyboard
The 6 Best iPad Keyboards
CATEGORY Accessories Apple News

Are you looking to transform your iPad into a full blown laptop? If so, a Bluetooth keyboard case is exactly what you need. Not only will the keyboard...

DreamWorks Android Tablet
Kid-Friendly Dreamtab Android Tablet on the Way from DreamWorks
WRITTEN BY Contel Bradford
CATEGORY Android News

  The competition in the tablet space has heated up to fierce degrees. In order to earn a piece of the pie worth snacking on, newcomers must find a way...

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