It’s Back: The Return of the Iconic Nokia 3310
WRITTEN BY Claire Calvet

Are you tired of your smartphone? Do you miss the simpler times when your phone was more of a metal brick than a slim piece of glass? What about those silent longings for T-9, let alone actual buttons? Well, the answer to your annoyance with modern technology has arrived with the re-installation of the Nokia […]

5 Great Apps for Teens (That Parents Will Love, Too)
5 Great Apps for Teens (That Parents Will Love, Too)

Apps have revolutionized the way teens communicate and interact with the world around them. Here are five great apps for teens (and their parents).

3 Mobile Trends to Watch in 2015
WRITTEN BY David Gitonga
CATEGORY Gazelle News

Mobile trends are changing how people live and how brands conduct business. Here are three mobile trends expected to take place starting in 2015.

It is important to consider insurance for your gadgets
Gadget Insurance: Getting Protection Coverage for Your Mobile Device

As mobile devices become more integrated into daily life, gadget insurance is something that anyone who has purchased a device should consider.

Starbucks in Chapters Bookstore
Google to Provide Wi-Fi at Starbucks
WRITTEN BY Casey Houser
CATEGORY Mobile Devices

Get faster wi-fi soon with Google at a Starbucks near you.


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