5 Great Apps for Teens (That Parents Will Love, Too)
5 Great Apps for Teens (That Parents Will Love, Too)

Apps have revolutionized the way teens communicate and interact with the world around them. Here are five great apps for teens (and their parents).

How Tight Is Touch ID Security on the iPhone 5s?
WRITTEN BY Amanda Kondolojy

Is Touch ID really a secure way to lock an iPhone? The short answer seems to be yes.

iphone security
The 6 Best Security Apps To Keep Your iPhone Safe
WRITTEN BY Anthony Scarsella
CATEGORY Applications

With all the recent data and security breaches from many big name retailer over the past months, now is the time to better protect your smartphone from...

ios7 activation lock
How to turn off Activation Lock in iOS7

Learn what activation lock is, how to control it, and how it impacts your trade in with Gazelle.

Computer Mice
Crowds Bring Disruptive Technology to Life
WRITTEN BY Casey Houser
CATEGORY Gazelle News

The business model of crowd funding allows people to support the creation of products from the very beginning. Online campaign websites, such as...


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