Infographic: A Decade of the iPhone

Measuring to nearly half an inch thick with a mere 3.5 inch display, the very first iPhone made its way onto the public market exactly one decade ago. In honor of the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, Gazelle has done some digging into the past features that really “wowed” the tech world with the iconic Apple iPhone. […]

Here’s 20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do
WRITTEN BY Claire Calvet
CATEGORY Apple Apple News

The iPhone has come an insanely long way since its initial release in 2007. Most Apple owners are aware of the basic short cuts and tricks, but there’s a lot more that your handy iPhone can do than just screenshot and record calls. After digging through the internet and finding a few things out for […]

iOS 9
Apple iOS 9 Updates for iPhone are Worth Isolated Incidents of Download Frustrations

Apple released its much anticipated iOS 9 update on Wednesday. Given the subtle improvements in functionality and navigation, here are the top 5 hidden features of iOS 9.

Apple TV
Why I’m Upgrading to the New Apple TV and You Should Too

Apple announced its fourth generation Apple TV this week. After seeing the demo, I knew I needed the newest version. Here’s why.

Wells Fargo trialing new mobile app
Voice Recognition Mobile App Tested at Wells Fargo, Other Major Banks
CATEGORY Gazelle News

Banking giant Wells Fargo has began testing a new mobile app that features voice recognition technology. Voice recognition is set to become an integral...

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