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5 Top Money Saving Apps
WRITTEN BY Gazelle Labs

Over-spending is the national pastime. We all do it, and we all pay for it later. Maybe this is the year you’re going to rein in your spending – not just talk about it, but actually do it. The good news is that there are awesome money saving apps that will help you save money […]

Finding the perfect speaker for your smartphone can help you enjoy your favorite music indoors or out.
Today’s Top 5 Smartphone Speakers, Just in Time for Summer
WRITTEN BY Christina Montoya Fiedler

Smartphone speakers are ideal for bringing your music with you, whether outdoors, at a party, or poolside. Here are five of the best money can buy.

Smartphone on table
Life-spans of Used Phones: Consider Smartphone Longevity When Buying
WRITTEN BY Justin Stoltzfus
CATEGORY Gazelle News

How do you know the life-span of your used phone? There is data out there that will help you anticipate, and extend, your used phone's longevity.

clicking away in the field with a smartphone
Used Versus New Smartphones: Which One Do You Need?
WRITTEN BY Justin Stoltzfus
CATEGORY Gazelle News

Need a different phone? Why not consider used versus new smartphones? Here's what you need to know.

Smartphones affect productivity according to new study
HBR: Smartphone Use Can Disturb Sleep, Productivity
CATEGORY Gazelle News

Using smartphones after office hours can damage workers' productivity by robbing them of quality sleep, a new study suggests.

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