Life-spans of Used Phones: Consider Smartphone Longevity When Buying

How do you know how long your used smartphone will last?

Longevity is a big issue, not just for pre-owned smartphones, but for any electronic device with a substantial price tag. Many customers know that their phones suffer wear and tear over time, so naturally they have many questions about the life-spans of used phones.

There’s no universal rule for how long a smartphone is going to last; it varies depending on manufacturer make and model, among numerous other factors. However, there are some guidelines available to help determine how much life you’re going to get out of a certified pre-owned smartphone or other used device.

The Life of a Smartphone

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, average smartphone life expectancy now reaches 4.7 years. This means if you buy a year-old phone, you could expect to use it for a few more before performance noticeably suffers.

Good care can really extend the life of a smartphone, but smartphone makers are actually designing these products to last a couple of years, rather than several. That’s actually a good argument for reducing the upfront cost of buying these devices. If you have the choice between buying a more expensive new phone, or a highly affordable, pre-owned phone with less life left, getting a used device could prove better for long-term budgeting.

Software Longevity

Like a computer, your smartphone will start to slow down over time as memory is used by programs and apps. As part of a certified pre-owned inspection process, used phones are inspected to ensure that the memory is freed up for the new owner. Manufacturers often stop servicing legacy devices as they age, so software and operating systems will not receive updates to improve performance.

Battery Life

Battery life is another major limiting factor in smartphone longevity. A significant number of users end up ditching their smartphone not because the platform is unstable or the screen is broken, but simply because the device just won’t hold a charge.

But battery life is also something that you can control. Follow these helpful battery tips to get much more life out of your smartphone:

  • Avoid running down the battery to zero.
  • Avoid overcharging the battery.
  • Keep the battery away from excessive heat or strong magnets.

With a little practical care and a good buying strategy, your pre-owned smartphone can be a good investment. When it comes time to replace an existing mobile device to keep yourself connected to your digital world, make sure to consider all of the options, including crucial data about the life-span of used phones you’re considering.

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Image courtesy of MorgueFile