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Best Samsung Phone of 2020

Samsung produced nearly half of the 10 most-sold smartphones in 2019. With a diverse 2020 lineup that includes S-models, Notes and hinged devices, they will likely have another successful year. If you’re in the market for a new Samsung device, the year’s varied and high-performing lineup lets you have your choice of the smartphone that…
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Top Features of the Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung’s newest smartphone was officially introduced to the public this past Sunday at Mobile Word Congress (MWC). The new Samsung Galaxy S9 brandishes more than a few notable upgrades and improvements, acting as an interesting response to Apple’s iPhone X. Here are a few of the flashy new tricks up the Galaxy S9‘s sleeve.  …
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Evolution of the Emoji

They infest our inboxes. They sit on store shelves as pillows and clothes. They’re even capable of ordering food straight to your door. They are EVERYWHERE. It’s nearly impossible to pick up a phone or get through the day without running into emoji. Where did these familiar little cartoons come from anyway? In honor of…