How to Keep Your Smartphone Safe, Away from Water and Damage Free this Summer

Summer is the most dangerous time for smart devices. Here are tips to keep your smartphone safe from sand, water and heat this summer.

Summer is a time for picnics, beach days and long nights by the campfire. But summer also presents challenges for, among other things, your most coveted item: Your smartphone.

Have you ever dropped and shattered your smartphone? What about a dive into the pool, forgetting it was in your pocket? Accidents like that happen to nearly every smartphone owner, and truth be told, phone damage is not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when.

Summer is the Most Dangerous Time for Smart Devices. Here’s Why:

Summertime isn’t called the season of broken for nothing. Smartphones and tablets are especially prone to irreversible damage when exposed to hazardous conditions like sand, water and extreme heat.

Over the past few years, Gazelle has seen the summer months as the prime time for damaged devices. Thirty-four percent of all devices last July were traded in broken, and those numbers continue to rise year-over-year.

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You Can Prevent Summertime Damage

Summer elements can kill your smartphone. Here are tips to ensure your phone stays safe and sound.

1. Keep it Out of Direct Sunlight:

With a strong summer sun and forgetful minds, direct sunlight can heat devices 10-15 degrees warmer than if left in the shade. This may not seem like much, but it could decide whether your phone lives or dies. Both Apple and Samsung advise keeping devices in ambient temperatures between 32 and 95 degrees.

2. Protect it From the Beach:

We’ve all been there: You arrive at the beach and decide to “protect” your phone by leaving it in the car. Big mistake. Cars heat up fast in the summer, reaching temperatures well above 100 degrees. Stay on the safe side and leave your phone at home. If you can’t break the umbilical cord, check out these beach-proof safety products:

Phone Condom

Phone condom

This highly functional sleeve allows you to stay protected without drastically reducing the aesthetics of your phone. It may not be as fun to text with a phone condom, but it reduces the risk of sand damage like no other.

Price (pack of 3): $14.99 for smartphones, $24.99 for tablets. Buy from Smartskin.

Photo courtesy of Firebox.

Dust Plug

Dust plugKeep sand and other particulates out of your phone crevices with a Dust Plug. These are available in thousands of designs for low-prices on Amazon.

Price: Ranges $1.00 – $5.00. Shop on Amazon.

Photo courtesy of HD Image Gallery.


Ultimate Beach Towel

Ultimate beach towel

Towels with pockets, who knew? This won’t just store your devices, but will also keep books, hats, sunscreen and other beach essentials safe.

Price: $45.00 $30.00 for a limited time. Buy from Towelmate

Photo courtesy of Towelmate.

3. Use an Anti-Glare Screen Protector:

Can’t see your screen in the sun? An anti-glare screen protector allows you to see your phone in direct sunlight without turning up the brightness, extending battery life and keeping your phone from overheating.

Price (pack of 3): starts at $6.95. Buy from Tech Armor

4. Use a Solar-Powered Charger:

Turn your phone’s worst enemy into its new power source with a sleek on-the-go solar charging station. Never worry again about your phone dying. Now your phone can enjoy the abundant sunshine just as much as you do.

But What if Your Phone is Already Damaged?

It happened: Just before sending one last text, your phone slipped and fell into the pool. Or sand slid in-between the screen before overheating in the sun.

Here are steps to take depending on which summer element attacked your device:

1.  Sand in phone crevices:

  • Use a cuticle pusher to get sand out of the crevices
  • Grab scotch tape to lift sand off the phone, similar to using a lint roller

2.  Water damage:

3.  Overheated iPhone:

  • Don’t continue using the device. Turn it off, or if this isn’t feasible, at least close any unnecessary apps – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or LTE. iPhones are built to restrict operations if the phone needs to cool down.
  • Remove from direct sunlight and move it to a cool area. DO NOT panic and throw it in extremely cold place such as the fridge or freezer. Rushing the cooling process can cause condensation to get trapped inside the device.

4.  Broken screen:

  • Broken screens are a bit trickier to cure with homemade remedies. Your best bet may be to trade in your broken device and purchase a certified pre-owned phone at



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