For all those iPhone owners who have waited patiently for the ability to hunt like the Sci-Fi action character “The Predator”, your wait is over. The new FLIR One case brings true thermal vision capabilities to iPhone 5/5S owners.

This new case from FLIR was announced yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and is their first product aimed at the everyday consumer. FLIR has primarily focused on hunters and professionals in the past by producing high-end thermal imaging products, but now brings the technology to the masses – or at least iPhone 5C and 5S owners – with their new FLIR Case.


(image courtesy of FLIR)

The FLIR One thermal imaging iPhone case is produced to increase the power of your iPhone 5 or 5S camera to be able to see heat signatures from either people and animals from up to 100 meters away. To use the thermal camera just pop your iPhone in the case, downloaded the app, and you should be all set up for the hunt.

The case features a number of different modes and settings which enable you to adjust the displayed degrees of temperature, showing more less binary differences between the temperatures. Worried about this case killing your battery? Well the case also has an internal battery that powers the camera for up to four hours of continuous use.

This new case is considered a real bargain in terms of a thermal imaging device at $350. But for a case, some may just find it a bit too expensive. Considering the majority of the device’s FLIR produces cost well over $1000, this case is your cheapest way into the world of thermal night vision. Android owners can also expect a case coming for many popular devices, which are expected to launch closer to the end of the year.

thermal imaging

(image courtesy of FLIR)

Complete details from FLIR:

“Similar in size, weight, and power consumption to a conventional CMOS cell phone camera module, Lepton is the world’s smallest microbolometer-based thermal imaging camera core currently available. FLIR will utilize Lepton in new and existing products across many vertical markets. The first commercial use of Lepton is in the new FLIR ONE™ thermal imaging smartphone accessory introduced today at CES 2014. Lepton has also been designed for easy integration into third party products, such as smartphones, tablets, diagnostic tools, automobiles, toys, building controls, process equipment, security systems, machine vision systems, and advanced gaming devices. OEMs around the world can benefit from the fully-exportable Lepton core, which generates high-quality, fully-processed thermal images through common standard interfaces”

“Lepton utilizes multiple proprietary technologies, including wafer level detector packaging, wafer level micro-optics, and a custom integrated circuit that supports all camera functions on a single integrated low power chip. These and other innovations are reflected in more than 100 new patent filings worldwide related to Lepton technologies, processes, and applications. The new Lepton core facilitates accurate temperature measurements and is fully compatible with FLIR’s patented Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging technology, or MSX®, which significantly enhances the thermal image fidelity with data from a visible-light sensor.”

via: FLIR

image – FLIR




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