The slimline design of modern smartphones and tablets has developed at the cost of storage space. New mobile cloud app MyMusicCloud aims to remedy this issue for users who would like to store more music on their phones.

Streaming Without the Baggage

The free version of MyMusicCloud offers users a mobile streaming function that can remotely store up to 250 songs across multiple devices. Not only is it easy to stream music to desktop computers, tablets, or phones, but there’s no concern that a large media library will take up valuable storage space on any of these devices. These 250 tracks can be swapped out as desired by the user.

The app tracks frequently and recently listened tracks and can share this information from one device to another. In addition, syncing with files stored on Dropbox or Google Drive accounts is also possible. The app can even import iTunes or Windows Media Player music libraries, although users would have to pay a $40 yearly subscription fee to be able to import and sync an unlimited number of tracks with iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry devices. While a user can upload an unlimited number of tracks in the free version, only 250 pre-selected tracks can be played back on a device. The paid version, however, allows an unlimited number of tracks to be played both online and offline. USA Today ran a test drive of the new mobile cloud app and found that the app was a fairly smooth ride. 

Android or iOS?

The Android and iOS phone versions of the app function in much the same way that phones’ default pre-installed music players already work, so they have a familiar look and feel. The app interface also features standard functions such as skip, shuffle, play/pause and view images. One troublesome issue is that the mobile cloud app is a little glitchy on the iPad, as it is not natively supported. The app screen does not fill the iPad screen and was only available on a vertical view, problematic considering that the Apple Smart Cover sits horizontally.

As beta apps go, there is a lot to be excited about with MyMusicCloud. The app is easy to use, allows unlimited uploads in both the free and paid levels, supports all major platforms and also has a share option that links users’ music to their Facebook accounts; it’s an innovative and space-saving option for music lovers. 

What features would you like to see in a mobile cloud app for music storage?

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