How to Remove Your SIM Card from Your Galaxy Smartphone

If Gazelle’s condition calculator appraises your Galaxy device at an enticing value, then it’s time to focus on removing the SIM card from your phone. From there we can then move on to exploring how to cancel service for the Verizon or Sprint device that you will be trading in.

Remove Your SIM Card from Your Galaxy Smartphone (T-Mobile/AT&T models)

Your Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card stores information that uniquely identifies your phone on a cellular network. By removing your SIM card, you protect your private service-subscriber key and free your phone to be resold on the secondhand market.

If you have a Galaxy S or Galaxy S2, your phone will utilize a full-size standard SIM card. The SIM card on these devices is accessible by removing the back cover. The SIM card is located above the battery and is held in place by an aluminum door or clip. To remove the card, just pull out the SIM card if you can, or press down on the card and slide it out. If you have a Galaxy S3, your device uses a smaller SIM card, a Micro SIM. The removal process is exactly the same, but be careful, as the Micro SIM is harder to access. Check out this video on how to remove your SIM card from your Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone.

Deactivating Your Galaxy Smartphone for Verizon/Sprint Service (CDMA/Verizon and Sprint model)

Unlike a GSM Galaxy smartphone model on T-Mobile or AT&T, Verizon and Sprint associate your CDMA Samsung smartphone with your cellular service by using a built-in mobile equipment identifier (MEID) rather than a removable SIM card. Disassociating your phone from your account requires that you call Verizon or Sprint’s customer service. First, retrieve your phone’s MEID by going to Settings > About Phone > Status. You can also find this information directly on the handset. Locate the sticker on the bottom of the battery compartment; this sticker contains your device’s serial number (also known as the IMEI or ESN number), along with other information about your phone.

Next, call Verizon or Sprint’s customer service number and request that they completely disassociate your phone from your account. Let them know that you’ll be selling your phone on the second-hand market, and be sure that your phone’s MEID is clear for use on a different account. The carrier may require additional time to process your request—possibly until your next billing cycle—so be sure to get the official date of deactivation.