Get the Best Phone Plan within Your Budget

In these challenging economic times, a penny saved is truly a penny earned. Trying to get the best phone plan for the least amount of money with your mobile carrier can be frustrating. To prevent them from walking all over you and charging ridiculously high prices, there are a couple of tricks to help you get what you want for the price you want.

Most standard contracts for mobile providers run for two years. When your contract is about to expire, this is the time you want to discuss issues you have with pricing, features, and capabilities. Many mobile companies will do anything to keep you on as a customer. Usually, when your contract is about to expire, you have the chance to upgrade to a nicer device if you accept a new contract locking you in for another two years. This time, take the opportunity to discuss your options with the provider before you sign a new contract. They may offer you a discount on your monthly bill, or offer additional features for free, just to keep you on their plan.

Customer Retention

A lot of people will call customer service and complain to the representative, saying “I am going to switch providers if you don’t give me a discount.” Sound familiar? The problem with this is that customer service agents are only allowed to go so far. You’re probably not going to get the best phone plan speaking with them. Most providers have a lesser-known department called Customer Retention that has more leeway when it comes to giving discounts. These are the people you want to speak with.

Don’t Accept the First Answer

Some agents are more flexible than others. Some are more willing to help you more than others. So, if you call and are told “no,” hang up and call back to speak to another agent. Sometimes, just explaining your situation to someone else might get you further along in your quest. Don’t agree to anything you don’t want. Be calm and patient. If you keep calling, eventually you will find an agent who will work with you.

Do Your Research

Some companies might be willing to lower their prices if you have hard data about other providers. Check out other providers’ advertisements and see what they’re offering, then ask your current provider how you could get the service for the same price. Also, make sure you check out when the next set of deals are happening with your current provider. Don’t make the mistake of buying a new phone or signing up for a new contract when, in two weeks, the company will be offering 15% off.