To get a warranty for your new Samsung phone or to not get one: That is the question. If losing, dropping, or damaging your phone is a relatively day-to-day thing for you, a Samsung Galaxy warranty should be considered. Remember that Samsung devices are considered premium Android handsets. These devices are expensive to repair or replace in the event of damage, loss, or theft. If you have any doubt that an accident is bound to happen to your phone, we recommend picking up a warranty as soon as possible. So how do you decide which plan or provider to get? Check out this useful guide to determine the best Samsung Galaxy warranty option for you.

Carrier Options

Your first option in insurance is to go with the carrier coverage. This coverage is often the most expensive but should roll right into your bill. Check out all the plans below from the four major carriers:

Your next option is to go with a third-party provider. The 2 most popular services are Squaretrade and Protect Your Bubble. Let’s see how these valuable options stack up:


Protect Your Bubble


Once you’ve considered the factors above, making your final decision about purchasing a Samsung Galaxy warranty should be fairly simple. If you fear for your device and have a history of damaging your phone, then getting coverage is the right move. If you are truly concerned with theft and loss on your device, Protect Your Bubble is probably your best bet; it may be pricey, but the assurance of getting a replacement device for a theft/loss claim may be worth it for you.

For those who trust themselves to take care of their devices and who tend to be early adopters or frequent upgraders, a plan with comprehensive coverage may be overkill for you. With the cost of smartphones and plans at a high, the additional cost of a warranty will bite into your resale cost each time you upgrade.

Coverage or not, we would recommend that all smartphone users grab a protective case, cover, or skin as well as a screen protector to keep their phone in tiptop shape.




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