Sony Xperia Z Arriving at T-Mobile USA in the “Coming Weeks”

We have some good news for all you Sony Xperia fans using T-Mobile. Sony’s highly anticipated waterproof and dust-proof flagship Android device will be available through T-Mobile in the “coming weeks”. The Sony Xperia Z was first unveiled way back in January at the Consumer Electronics Show, where it picked up the “best in show” award for its design and features. The device became available in Europe and in Asia in early March, but North American fans were left out as Sony delivered only the Xperia ZL to the US. The T-Mobile version of the Xperia Z will arrive as a 4G LTE version, which probably explains some of the delay. The Sony Xperia Z sports a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro, 13MP camera, 2GB of RAM, a 5-inch 1008p screen, microSD slot, all glass front and back, and 4G LTE coverage where available. Although the specs may seem a bit behind the newer Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, Sony makes up for it with design and durability. The Xperia Z’s biggest feature is the IP55 and IP57 compliant housing. This translates to a full waterproof body (up to 30 minutes) and full dust-proof capabilities. The all-glass screen on the Xperia Z also features a shatter-proof film to protect against drops and dings. The Sony Xperia Z will come in two color options of black and purple, but the purple color will be available for a limited time only. Still no word if the white color option will land here in the US or not. T-Mobile customers can sign up here to get all the details on pricing and the release date when available. For the full press release from T-Mobile, see the link below.

via: T-Mobile