Looking for the best baby apps? Being a new mom is hard, even if you are Kate Middleton and have a fleet of nannies to help you. In order to help you navigate your new role as a mom, we have put together a list of the best five baby apps for new moms.
Baby Connect

Can’t remember when you changed the baby’s diaper? Baby Connect will remind you! Baby Connect is an app available on Android, iPhone, and iPad and it can also be used as a web application. It allows you to track when your baby was last fed, changed, and slept. It gives parents peace of mind when they are tired and can’t remember these details or when they go back to work and want to check on their child. The app is also very safe and secure because only authorized users can access your child’s information.

WebMD Baby

Does your baby have a rash on its arm? WebMD Baby has answers to all of your health questions. WebMD Baby is an app that gives you access to trusted information to keep your baby healthy and happy. It has hundreds of articles and videos developed and approved by WebMD doctors. The app also has a number of features to keep track of how your baby is growing and capture and record your baby’s key moments and milestones and share them on Facebook.

Baby Travel

Going on a trip soon after your baby is born? Make sure you download the Baby Travel app. Baby Travel helps you prepare and pack for a trip with your baby by asking a series of questions about where you’re going, how long you’ll be gone, and how many people are going with you. The app will then generate a list based on the answers to your questions. You can also save the lists if you frequent the same location regularly.

Best Baby Monitor

Want to see your baby sleeping without waking them? Download the Best Baby Monitor app which allows you to see, hear and talk to your baby. By using two iOS devices or a Mac OS X computer, you can easily create your own baby monitor. Not only can you use this setup as a monitor, you can play your baby lullabies and tape your baby to share with your friends and family. There also is a special feature of this app where you can place it in Alert Call Mode to call your device when your baby wakes up.

Baby Shusher

Tired of singing your baby lullabies at 3 a.m. every morning? Download the Baby Shusher app ASAP and save yourself from exhaustion and a sore throat. The Baby Shusher app has several features which can calm your baby’s cries such as a rhythmic shush, which is a noise that reminds the baby of being in their mom’s tummy. This noise has been developed by doctors to mimic the sounds the baby hears in the uterus. The app also offers a Community Forum for parents to share their stories, shusher timer options to give you full control, and volume control to make sure the baby can hear it over the cries.

Now, while all these have great reviews online, its hard to judge best baby apps without experience. What are your favorite baby apps?




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