Apple Television Rumors Surface Yet Again

It seems like every other month Apple television rumors appear across the web claiming that Apple will indeed release a full blown TV set. The latest Apple television rumors come from former TechCrunch writer MG Siegler via John Gruber’s “The Talk Show”. The show was primarily focused on the upcoming details of the rumored low-cost iPhone 5C, when Siegler dropped the latest insight on an Apple Television set. As noted by Business Insider, Apple may still be planning some sort of television announcement for “as soon as this November”. Check out the full details of the podcast transcript below:

“Not to go into rumor central here but the latest things I’ve heard, that some sort of television product — not necessarily a television screen but something — could be coming as soon as this November. And I think there’s some surprises there about what it could actually be and I don’t know this for sure yet, but there’s been whispers about, so I’m not going to write anything about it, but there’s whispers out there that the interaction with it could be the interesting thing. People have talked about voice, but I think that that might be out the window and there might be some new way to interact with whatever this thing is.”

As for now all we know is that Apple TV is still just a $99 black box that brings media, content , and iTunes to your existing television set. It fells like rumors from analyst these days are a dime a dozen regarding future Apple products. When we start seeing part leaks for 42″ and “50 LCD panels, then we will have something to really talk about. Let’s just say what if Apple were to release a TV set in the coming months. How many of you iPad and iPhone owners would ditch their current TV for an Apple TV? I know I would.

via: MacRumors