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This Week’s Apple Rumors – Apple Event Confirmed, iPhone Heading to China, New 6-Inch iPhone Coming

Welcome back to this weeks of my weekly Apple rumors roundup. This week’s report is jam packed with all the latest news and rumors surrounding the world…

This week’s Apple rumors report is once packed with news and rumors surrounding the world of Apple. September 10th is right around the corner, guys, so get ready.

Top Apple Rumors This Week

  • Fact: Apple sends out invite to September 10th event
  • Fact: Apple testing prototype iPhones with 6 inch screens
  • Fiction: China Telecom getting iPhone 5S on Sept. 20th
  • Fact: Fingerprint scanning component for 5S leaked
  • Fact: Case-Mate iPhone 5C case release date points to September 20th
  • Fiction: New Apple TV to land at Sept. 10th event
  • Fact: Apple’s ‘iPad 5’ and ‘iPad mini 2’ on track for Q4 release

Apple sends out invite to September 10th event

iphone 5c

(image courtesy of MacRumors)

Apple has sent out the official invite to their September 10th media event. The event will begin at 10:00 AM Pacific Time and will be held at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Apple testing prototype iPhones with 6 inch screens

Rumor: According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has been testing iPhones with new 6 inch screens. The recent report claims that Apple is testing screens ranging from 4.8 inches to as high as 6 inches for an upcoming model that will not be released this year.

Fact: Coming from a source like the Wall Street Journal makes this seem more legitimate. Apple does realize that there is a huge market opportunity for big screen phones. Thanks to the success of devices like the Galaxy Note, LG Optimus Pro and Xperia Z. Apple is looking to corner some of this market with a new big screen offering that may launch later in 2014.

China Telecom getting iPhone 5S on Sept. 20th

Rumor: According to the Chinese website Sina Tech, China Telecom and China Unicom will be the first carriers in China to offer the new iPhones, and could begin selling the devices as soon as Sept. 20.

Fiction: The deal that would bring on China Mobile as a new iPhone carrier is still not finalized, and I think Apple will want all 3 Chinese carriers on the same release schedule, so I don’t see these devices arriving in this market on these carriers in September. I do think China Mobile will get the iPhone, but it will be an October/November launch for all three Chinese carriers simultaneously.

iPhone 5S Fingerprint scanning component for 5S leaked

5s part leak

(image courtesy of Sonny Dickson)

Rumor: The new leaked part from Sonny Dickson is a home button component that is considerably more complex than the component Apple used in the current-generation iPhone 5, hinting at a fingerprint reader.

Fact: Dickson has been a reliable source with Apple rumors and leaks. This picture does match up well with previous finger scanning leaks, and makes me believe this will be a feature on the new iPhone.

Case-Mate iPhone 5C case release date points to September 20th

iphone 5c casemate

Rumor: On Monday, @evleaks released two images of Case-Mate cases for the iPhone 5C along with an estimated ship date of “9/20/2013 8:00:00 AM.” Evleaks has a tremendous track record for not only Apple leaks, but also for Samsung and HTC images across Twitter.

Fact: Case-Mate is betting big on the launch happening on the 20th, and I am behind them. They are one of biggest case makers in the US, and make high quality products for both Apple and Android devices. Since this is coming from evleaks (a reliable source for when it comes to new product leaks), it seals the deal for me that these cases are coming on the 20th of this month.

New Apple TV to land at Sept. 10th event

Rumor: According to a report from global trade intelligence firm Panjiva, Apple has been issued three bills of landing (a key document used in the transport of goods) from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for containers filled with “set top boxes” with Apple labels. The containers ranged in size from seven to eighteen tons, which could translate to 90,000 units.

Fiction: We have never seen Apple introduce Apple TV alongside the iPhone at an event. These packages just could be restock items of the current 3rd generation Apple TV. I might expect a new Apple TV in the fall around when I suspect Apple will release an iPad, or in early 2014 at a separate event.

Apple’s ‘iPad 5’ and ‘iPad mini 2’ on track for Q4 release

ipad 5

(image courtesy of 9to5mac)

Rumor: The Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, claims Apple will start shipping parts for both of the next-generation iPads and iPad Minis late in Q3,. Mass production and release is expected to follow in early Q4.

Fact: This analyst has been accurate on numerous Apple leaks. Apple needs to release iPads in Q4 to fend off heavy competition from Google, Samsung and Sony. I think we will see new iPads heading into the middle of October of this year.

Release Dates & Prices

Prices: The new 5S 16GB model will likely be sold for $199 with a 2-year plan, or $650 contract free. I am thinking around the $450 price mark (unlocked) for the iPhone 5C, with a 2-year contract coming in at FREE.

iPhone Dates: Now we have the launch dates confirmed thanks to the official event invite from Apple. You should expect the phones to arrive in stores on the 20th.

iPad Dates & Price: I think iPad’s are still on track for an October launch event. We should see the new models replacing the current lineup with no pricing modifications.




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