Is There a Google Glass Competition Coming from Samsung?

Rumors and educated guesses are a part of life in the world of technology, but every once in a while one rumor comes out that makes perfect sense. Such is the case with the latest talk about Samsung and its own version of Google Glass, but one aspect of this has people thinking it may be less a Google Glass competition and more of a new partnership.

Is the Gear Glass in the Works?

Samsung has a long history of making strong original products and quickly introducing their versions of an existing product once another company proves there’s a market. That’s what makes this latest rumor regarding the company so believable.

According to a Phandroid article, frequent leaker Eldar Murtazin issued a statement that Samsung will be releasing its own version of Google Glass in the spring of 2014. According to the statement, the new product will be named “Gear Glass,” combining the “Glass” moniker that Google is using with the “Gear” brand that Samsung is in the process of building.

While this is unconfirmed, Murtazin does have a pretty good history of predictions when it comes to the tech industry. Also, given the specifics of the leak, it’s hard to believe it was all simply made up. Anyone who has followed tech for any length of time should have expected Samsung to extend their wearable tech line beyond the Gear smartwatch; it was really only a matter of time until rumors about the company’s own set of glasses came to light.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any additional details about the product at this time, and given that it’s still half a year away from the suspected release, don’t expect anything else to come to light anytime soon.

A Google Glass Competition Is On the Way

While the rumor doesn’t provide much information to go on, it does offer some interesting food for thought if it proves to be true. As noted in CNET, the name “Gear Glass” is considerably close to “Google Glass” and, considering that the two products would wind up being extremely similar, it would seem to be a lawsuit in the making.

That is, of course, unless Google and Samsung are teaming up to create the product. Google hasn’t exactly been clear about how it plans to market its product, and it’s entirely conceivable that Google may want a set of partners to allow consumers a set of customization options based on what partner they get their Google Glass from. Or maybe Samsung simply has no issue using the Glass name to compete directly with Google.

Only time will tell how this all plays out, but the good news for wearable tech fans is that this trend does appear to have considerable legs, and it will be interesting to see what kind of products hit the market next.

Image courtesy of Flickr