Could there be a new 13-inch iPad arriving next March?

The latest iPad rumors are saying that Apple, also known as “the Cupertino giant”,  is working on a brand new 12.9-inch screen iPad. This new, larger iPad is rumored to be announced and released in March of 2014. The original iPad was released in March, and the next couple of iPad models also stuck with a March release schedule. Since then, Apple seems to have moved to an October release schedule, a move I suspect was made due to the holiday shopping uptick in the fall. With the new iPad Air measuring in at 9.7-inhces, the rumored 12.9-inch model would make this more of a full laptop replacement than an actual tablet. 

This [crazy] rumor comes from the Chinese tech log site PadNews, who claims it got information from Apple’s supply chain that Foxconn (Apple’s primary hardware manufacturer) is in the middle of testing production for a larger iPad. PadNews also reports that Foxconn has given the rumored iPad the name “iPad Maxi.” Imagine all the memes that would come from that!

The iPad rumors surrounding a bigger screen tablet have been circulating accross the Apple ecosystem and the internet for months now. Back in July, the Wall Street Journal reported that its sources said the new iPad would have a display that is “slightly less than 13 inches diagonally.” The Journal then had a follow up report of a 12-inch model in the works, which was first reported by Quanta Computer via Macotakara.

Apple has been known for testing various screen sizes and form factors for a variety of devices across their product line-up. Personally I would take these rumors with a grain of salt considering we just had two new iPads come out last week. The idea of a 13-inch iPad may sound cool, but for me it sounds far too difficult to operate. With Apple selling the current iPad Air like hot cakes, and with the iPad mini retina due at the end of the month, a larger iPad could prove to be nothing more speculation. 

via: AppleInsider






Don’t know what to make of this, on one hand a bigger screen would be a bonus, but makes the device less portable. It probably is just a rumour, but I’m gonna be looking out for it to add to my iPad family.

November 10, 2013