Worried about packing on the pounds during Thanksgiving dinner or at Christmas parties? Here are the four best fitness tracker bracelets currently (or soon to be) available on the market that can help you. Don’t let yourself fall into the holiday haze trap between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Get one of these fitness tracker bracelets to help you keep track of your activity and motivate you to stay in shape! At the very least, these high-tech fitness trackers will track your activity to show you how sedentary you are during the colder, winter months (which is a very scary thought). Below is a round-up of the best gadgets out there.

FitBit Force

Jawbone Up

Withings Plus

Nike FuelBand SE

After looking at the features and cons of each high-tech fitness tracker bracelet, you need to decide which features you can’t live without. Some important features are compatibility with iOS or Andoird devices as well as Bluetooth capability. Make sure you check these out before you fall in love with a high-tech bracelet. Personally, the new FitBit Force looks like a great option for someone like me that needs as much motivation as I can get. Good luck on your path to staying healthy and fit as the weather gets colder! And just remember, if you buy a fitness tracker bracelet, that is the first step to your healthy new life.


Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons




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