No Apple Television in 2014, Wearable Devices To Come First

As the world awaits the arrival of a full blown Apple television set, new rumors indicate the wait could be longer than expected. According to analyst Paul Gagnon of DisplaySearch, Apple TV has been put on hold in favor of new wearable tech devices in 2014.

Content Is King For Apple

DisplaySearch believes the true reason for the delay is Apple hasn’t acquired enough content from the proper sources. Apple is looking to build a truly innovative television that incorporates many key “on-demand” types of programming, not just that of a typical Smart TV set. With consumers purchasing a new TV every 7-8 years, Apple would need to rely on content and services in order to make their Apple television set a business success.

Paul Gagnon from DisplaySearch stated:

“For Apple to have a successful television product for the living room, it needs to achieve three goals: (1) Sell enough units to generate sufficient content purchasing points, especially among households who do not yet own Apple TV set-top boxes. (2) Offer a unique point of differentiation to capture market share from leading TV manufacturers such as Samsung and Vizio, while at the same time being able to sell the products for a high enough price to deliver typically high Apple margins. (3) Create follow-on replacement purchases to keep hardware sales from flat-lining once household penetration peaks.”

Apple To Luanch iWatch Over Television?

With the Apple television set on hold, the analyst believes we will see new wearable tech from Apple in 2014. The highly anticipated and much rumored iWatch is said to be the next new product coming out of Cupertino. With brands such as Sony, Samsung and Pebble with Smart Watches already on the market, Apple will have to come up with something a bit more innovative, or at least put together. Personally I think this delay is a good strategy for Apple. So far many of these devices are both laggy and buggy, and overall unattractive as timepieces. Apple can use the competitions mistakes to make a unique product that brings Apple innovation and design directly to your wrist.

via: DisplaySearch