The Gift of Gazelle The Gift of Gazelle

Don’t be the Awkward Uncle: Give a Good Gift This Year

Don’t be that person who gives the worst gift. Here’s the tech people want, and the gifts they don’t.

We’re firmly into November, and if there’s one thing that is guaranteed every year, it’s that you’re about to embark on a marathon of holiday parties, family time and gift giving. If you’re smart, you’ve dropped some major well-placed hints as to what’s on your holiday wish list, but there’s always the inevitable, disastrous gift from a well-intentioned friend or relative…but really it’s just bad.

In honor of the inevitable smile you’re going to have to fake, we polled some of the Gazelle staff to see what the worst give they’ve ever received was. Here’s some of the best responses we got:

  • Pink Daisy Dinnerware (for a man)

  • A fire alarm

  • A porcelain, flapper-dressed doll, with the comment: “Technically this doll is of a prostitute, but she’s wearing all black and is clearly a performer, so it reminded me of you.”

  • A tape dispenser shaped like a man sitting on a toilet

  • A rental copy of the movie “Donnie Darko.” Not an old, used copy… a rented movie that needed to be returned in two days, with a brief note that informed the recipient of this fact.

  • A shelf.Not a decorative shelf. Just a plain, old shelf.

  • A mildly suggestive painting (of the receiver and their brand-new spouse)

  • A cobra statue carved from a coconut tree

If you don’t want your present to end up on a future list like this, why not make the right decision and give a cool, shiny tech gift?

After all, tablets, smartphones and eReaders are the “gifts du jour” this year. Plus, you can give the Gift of Gazelle, and your loved ones will earn an extra $10 to trade-in their now outdated device. C’mon! You’ve got a chance to wind up on the “best gifts ever” list… and who doesn’t want that?  




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