Belkin QODE Slim Style iPad Air Keyboard Case Review

Tired of typing on the touchscreen on your new iPad Air? Well then, the new QODE Slim Style keyboard case from Belkin offers great features and a bargain price. This Bluetooth enabled keyboard offers quick and accurate typing while providing decent protection when traveling with your new iPad Air. If you’re looking for a great keyboard case for your iPad Air, the Belkin is a great option.


  • Lightweight keyboard for fast, easy tablet typing
  • TruType keys offer more accurate typing than a touchscreen
  • Adjustable angles for comfortable typing or watching
  • Rechargeable battery lasts more than 60 hours of typing
  • Function-specific keys copy, paste, and control volume
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dedicated On/Off Switch
  • 1 lb., 1 oz (482 gm)

Design and Build:

This thin folio-style case from Belkin comes in 5 unique color options. My review unit from Belkin is the plain black color, which I honestly prefer anyway. This slim keyboard case weighs just slightly over 1 pound and features an adjustable kickstand in the back for multiple viewing angles. Belkin’s new slim case can also be folded backwards for complete “tablet” style usage.

The case features a smooth matte finish with a slightly textured back for grip when placed on surfaces. The back also has an oversized cutout for the 5MP iSight camera found on the iPad Air. On the inside of the case you will find two brackets with simple elastic straps to secure the iPad to the case. There are also magnets in the brackets to adhere to the keyboard when closed.

belkin slimbelkin slim


The QODE Slim is all about typing, that is really the main reason for buying a keyboard case. Although this is not a full size keyboard, the TruType keys are well spaced and offer accurate keystrokes. The keyboard is very responsive and comfortable to use. After all, what is the use of a great keyboard if after 1-hour your wrist is throbbing?

belkin keyboardbelkin

Belkin has included function specific keys that allow for a variety of quick commands. You can copy and paste text, adjust the volume, and control your music at the touch of a button. Other keys like search and the display screen give you option to both perform searches on the iPad and shift between screens (double tap screen button).


Bluetooth pairing was a breeze on the QODE Slim as it paired in about 10 seconds. Although the case does feature a “pair” button in the upper right corner; I paired it through the iPad settings. Just head to settings>Bluetooth and select “Belkin Slim Style Keyboard”. The unit should pair in a matter of seconds with the iPad Air.

belkin connect

Battery Life:

The keyboard has a rechargeable battery and comes with a USB to micro-USB charging cable. Belkin claims the battery on the QODE Slim can last for 60 hours of continual use and 60 days of standby on a full charge. During my iPad Air Keyboard Case review time I only needed the initial charge to get me through a weekend of heavy use. The on/off switch is very useful when the tablet is not in use.

Price and Availability:

Generally speaking, keyboard cases for the iPad are not cheap. With most quality brand name keyboards costing well over $100, the $80 retail price on the QODE Slim is a great deal. The tablet can be purchased through many online retailers like Amazon, BestBuy and TigerDirect, but can also be purchased directly from Belkin. For $80 you get a slim, durable and easy to use keyboard case that comes in 5 unique colors (white/topaz, all black, white/purple, black/red, and white/sorbet).

belkin slim


For those looking for a simple keyboard case with great battery life at a great price, the QODE Slim is your best bet. The quality of the case is top notch and the TruType keyboard is ultra fast and responsive to the touch. The function specific keys on the Slim make it the perfect iOS companion, while the 60 hours of battery life ensure hours upon hours of use. At the end of the day the QODE Slim from Belkin may not be the best iPad Air keyboard on the market, but the design and durable shell make it a perfect pair after dropping over $500 on an iPad Air.