The Six Best Coupon Code Sites

The online shopping boom has inspired a number of daily deal and coupon sites. For discount hunters who dislike printing and clipping coupons, there are a number of sites and apps touting discounts and coupon codes, making web shopping easier. So what are the best coupon sites? 

RetailMeNot: RetailMeNot is one of the largest coupon sites and has free mobile apps for Android or iOS. It makes coupon practices easy on consumers by separating printable coupons and online codes in different site tabs. You can open an account to access the full scope of the site’s offerings, or choose from large retailers, such as Kohl’s and Best Buy, without signing up. Upon registering, users have the ability to personalize their home page and browse coupons for over 50,000 stores.

Groupon: Groupon capitalized on consumers’ interest in more personalized deals as well as a user-friendly mobile app. Of the company’s transactions in September, 40 percent took place on tablets and smartphones. Users no longer have to register to get a deal, allowing them to avoid the company’s daily emails. Users can now use codes to get the same deals they previously would have to print and present to merchants.

Hip2Save: offers web-savvy users a modern way to use coupons without clipping. The founder, a mother who wanted to cut her family’s costs while utilizing the latest technology, established a site where you can receive a summary of the latest deals and get text alerts when a coupon to a preferred brand becomes available. If you are used to having your smartphone in hand at all times, Hip2Save probably will be your coupon code site of choice. Android and iOS apps are free. provides an enormous selection of printable coupons, and the number of coupon codes the site offers is growing by the day, allowing users access to deals at thousands of stores. Download the free app for Android or iOS to grab coupons on the go. began as a site where consumers could find free shipping deals from popular retailers, and the concept expanded to include coupon code deals on top of these bargains. The site—and its free iOS app—has deals from more than 4,000 stores where consumers can shop for fashion, pet supplies, electronics, and other goods. The home page offers you countless codes to get started.

MyCoupons: MyCoupons has few equals in breadth among the top coupon sites. You may encounter a number of banner ads when accessing the site, but the free mobile app for Android and iOS gets you access to thousands of coupon codes. You can check the popularity and data on coupon usage in stats listed next to each deal, allowings= users to find out which deals are most popular—an indicator of how reliable the coupons are.

These six apps are living up to the standards demanded by today’s tech-savvy consumers, who are interested in saving money and time. What are the best coupon sites for you?

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Rachel Roy

For me, I like visiting RTM, Groupon, for coupons and deals. Easy to use.

December 20, 2013

George MacBeth

I really like The reason I like this site so much is that rarely do I find a code that does not work. Nothing is more annoying than plugging in coupon code after coupon code to find one that finally works. Another thing I like is that when a coupon code expires, you don’t see it anymore. Great site!

August 30, 2015