Millions of consumers around the country turn to Gazelle when they want cold hard cash for their unwanted devices. And believe it or not, one of the most popular questions we still get here at Gazelle is “What happens to my iPhone when I sell it?” Many people may not realize that when you trade in your smartphone with Gazelle, the process doesn’t end when you get your check. In fact, your smartphone has just begun an incredible journey, one that could bring it to another country! Gazelle has always been about extending the lifecycle of devices and, believe it or not, when you’re done with your device, it likely still has quite a bit of life left.

In our “Where’s my iPhone” infographic, you’re able to visually see the travels of a traded-in phone. You’re along for the ride, from the moment the phone leaves your house to its final destination.

Here’s a quick explanation of the process:

The first leg of your device’s journey with Gazelle brings it to our processing facility in Kentucky. Once it’s there, it is inspected to confirm its condition and all data is immediately wiped from the device, ensuring any personal information that may have been left behind stays secure. After the reset, the next leg of the journey begins, and the device is sent to a refurbishing center. This is where devices are made to look brand new again, through replacing a broken screen or smoothing out some of those deep nicks (for example). Then, it’s off to its resale location, which is typically an emerging country where the cost of a refurbished device is significantly more affordable than a brand new one.

Gazelle_Wheres my Phone infographic (1)

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