Google Glass to have prescription lenses Google Glass to have prescription lenses

Google Glass: Now with Prescription Lenses

Google has unveiled the future of Google Glass: versions of the device compatible with prescription lenses.

Google has unveiled the future of Google Glass: versions of the device compatible with prescription lenses. The new beta version of the technologically advanced eye wear will also come in a choice of stylish frame styles, Sky News reports.

Prescription Lenses First Order of Priority

Prescription lenses have been users’ most requested feature in the beta version of Google’s face wear. “If we had a nickel for every time someone has asked about prescription lenses for Glass . . . well, we’d have a lot of nickels,” the Google Glass blog explains.

Critics of the less-than-appealing design of the first Glasses will also be pleased to hear that the new version will be available in four frames, according to CNN. The new line will be made of titanium, with four options for inner color tints, and come in shapes titled Bold, Split, Curve, and Thin. Sunglasses are also in the cards.

The Google Glass hardware, which can accomplish a number of tasks including shooting video, taking pictures and projecting internet content, is expected to remain the same with no update anticipated in the near future. The design of the Glass hardware is modular, so the more fashionable frames will be compatible with pairs of Google Glasses already in use. The new frames are expected to be released in late 2014.

Insurance Deal to Help with Cost

Google has struck a deal with insurance provider Vision Service Plan to help lessen the price of the prescription lenses. However, insurance reimbursements will offset the cost of the lenses and frames only, not the Google Glass device itself, which will still cost $1,500. The frames will cost $225, and sunglasses will run $150.

Google Glasses are not yet accepted everywhere, with users running into trouble for wearing the Glasses while driving or at movie theaters, reports CNN. Adding prescription lenses may complicate this, as wearers will not be able to take off the glasses without restricting their vision. Google appears confident that these issues will iron themselves out, with Google Glass spokesperson Chris Dale commenting, “I think you need to give the technology a chance to breathe and evolve.”

Going forward, there is the chance that Google will partner with different eyewear companies to produce Glass-compatible lenses and frames, so that users will have an even wider choice of styles.

Would you consider buying Google Glass with the new frame style?

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