Three Ways to Find the Best iPad Apps

Are you tired of playing the same old games on your iPad or using boring tools that don’t give you the full capabilities you need? Here’s a quick tutorial on learning how to find the best iPad apps in the iTunes App Store! In this article, we’ll walk through a few different ways to find the best iPad apps to have fun, get work done, or do just about anything else you need to do on your tablet.

As Apple says, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish on your device, “There’s an app for that!” –we’ll tell you how to find it.

1. Use the Top Lists in the iTunes App Store

If you’re interested in finding the best iPad apps that other people are downloading, iTunes keeps track of the most popular apps and game downloads in the “Best New Apps” and “Best New Games” categories.

To find them, open iTunes and go to the iTunes Store. Once there, click on the “App Store” at the top of the screen, then make sure you select “iPad” just underneath–otherwise you may be disappointed to find that the app you want for your iPad is only available for the iPhone.

In addition to categories for the best iPad apps and games, there is also a section at the bottom of the screen for the best free iPad games (you may have to scroll down), which is also listed in order of popularity. More of the best iPad apps–regardless of category–are listed on the right side of the screen in order or popularity. Try a few out, they may become your new favorites!

2. Use the iTunes App Store Categories

In the market for a specific type of app–say something to keep track of your finances or a new way to watch videos on your iPad? On the right side of the page, there is a option to view apps by category.

To start sorting by type of app, click on the drop-down menu just under the “iPad” headline, which is titled “All Categories”. In there, you will find options like “Books,” “Business,” and “Entertainment”. Each lists the best iPad apps the store has to offer, both by paid and free varieties.

3. Find Something New!

More of a trendsetter who likes to try new things and be in on the first wave adopting new technology? Looking for a particular functionality that you can’t find solely using iTunes? Then your favorite search engine may be your new best friend! Whether you’re trying to find the best way to take funny pictures using your iPad or a top-of-the-line spreadsheet app, try Googling it. Chances are you’ll find loads of options, along with reviews and tips on how to best use the applications. Once you find what you’re looking for, use the search bar in the upper right-hand corner inside the iTunes Store to seek and download exactly what you want. Rather than listening to what others say about the best apps, you can do the research and selections on your own!

Whether you know exactly what you want, feel like browsing through the most popular titles, or need some help figuring out which app best fits your needs, there are some great tools and games available in Apple’s iTunes App Store for you to use on your iPad. Titles are constantly being added, updates are released frequently, and some of the best and brightest are working to bring new functionality to your iPad every day. Have a look and see what you can find to make your iPad even more fun, productive, and powerful.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia.