Samsung Milk Music Comes to New Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung has launched its own version of Apple’s iTunes Radio, debuting Samsung Milk Music on new Galaxy-branded smartphones. The free music streaming service is currently only available in the U.S., and The Register reports that it is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4, SIII, Note II and 3, and the upcoming Galaxy S5.

Samsung Milk Music Runs Off Third-Party Service

While Milk Music may be exclusive to Samsung customers, it is powered by third-party streaming service Slacker Radio. This approach enabled Samsung to take advantage of Slacker Radio’s existing 13-million-song library rather than building its own from scratch, reports Forbes. Samsung has instead concentrated on providing a great design and user interface for the app.

According to a company press release, the app can be fine-tuned to provide a personalized experience, and includes a feature called “Spotlight” which gives access to playlists made by “music taste-makers and influencers.” The app has no log-in requirements, which gives users faster access. It uses a central dial that users turn to flick through stations or genres in order to find the music they desire. Although the music library is somewhat limited compared to those of other streaming services, if Samsung Milk Music becomes available globally, the app may quickly become a crowd staple, given the popularity of Samsung smartphones in the global market.

Luring Customers with Music?

Samsung is clearly making an attempt to corner all aspects of the smartphone market, and Milk Music is just another way to cement its dominance in a crowded arena. According to The Register, this is not the first time that music has been used as an incentive to purchase the company’s phones: in 2013, a million copies of Jay Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail were downloaded by Samsung customers via a brand-exclusive app.

Samsung Electronics North America CEO Gregory Lee said that customer experience is at the heart of the new app’s release. “Milk Music introduces a fresh approach to music that reflects our innovation leadership and our focus on creating best-in-class consumer experiences. We’re offering consumers amazing, rich music experiences built around what matters most to them and their lifestyle,” he said.

This echoes the sentiment expressed by Samsung CEO JK Shin at the Mobile World Congress in February, where he stated that the company’s focus was on user experience and enhancing features that users want, not on delivering “eye-popping” technology with little practical functionality, TechRadar reports.

Do you think Samsung Milk Music is an enriching addition to the Galaxy line?

Image courtesy of Flickr